Video | Interactive Content 101: Best use cases for modern websites

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Join us for our webinar to learn how to create world-class customer experiences with interactive content and learn:

  • Basics of interactive content
  • Benefits of interactive content
  • What kind of interactions exists
  • Bonus: How to boost Christmas campaigns with interactions


In our most recent webinar we explored essential interactive content for websites, using giosg's latest interactive content use cases to demonstrate what elements you should include and why.

We go over many practical examples and as a bonus we show you how to boost your Christmas campaigns with interactive content.

Some interactive content examples that you'll see include:

✔️ Video Bots

✔️ Interactive Games

✔️ Product Recommendations

✔️ Service Bots

✔️ Newsletter Subscriptions

✔️ Lead Generation Bots

✔️ Feedback Surveys

✔️ Campaign Pop-Up

Kimi Tiinus, Product Marketing Manager @ giosg

Kimi has the passion to bring companies’ brands and expertise to live on their website. He has the latest insights on how companies can improve their online experiences, customer service efficiency, and digital sales.

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