Video: Delivering excellent customer service at scale

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Supporting your customers in real-time with fast response and resolution times is music to your customers' ears. If these were accessories for your business in 2019, they have surely been crucial in the more digitized Covid year of 2020.

In 2021, excellent customer service with fast and diligent support is a must - and we will tell you why and how you can still succeed in this change 💯 The business environment has changed and its digitalisation has accelerated but the extent of our resources has not. Still, we need to be faster and simply put - better - in our service. Is your customer service ready for 2021 - not to mention this Christmas?

We at giosg are experts in customer service in digital channels and we will teach you how to boost your online customer service efficiency and how to scale it up on our next webinar! 🚀

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Why excellent customer service is a make-it-or-break-it trait in 2021
  • How to scale up with limited resources
  • How tools like live chat and chatbots enable you to scale up your service
  • Why targeting determines your success in scaling up your services
  • How to measure and maintain a continuous improvement of your service
Kimi Tiinus, Product Marketing Manager, giosg

Kimi has the passion to bring companies’ brands to live on their website. He has the latest first hand knowledge on how a live chat service and chatbots optimize customer experiences and increase lead generation online, which allows him to help you to meet your visitors in your own way and a bit more efficiently.

Chris Lelo, Customer Engagement Manager, giosg

Increasing sustainable conversion and aiding clients in their digital transformation is Chris’s passion. His experience spans from customer success and digital marketing to project management in various industries and markets. Currently the Customer Engagement Manager at giosg, which translates to using his passion and skillset to deliver greater value from our software and company.

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