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Solution for Marketing

Increase the amount and quality of sales-ready leads

Convert website visitors into sales-ready leads with targeted and timely conversations. Identify your most valuable leads, target them at the right time and increase your conversion rate with meaningful interactions!

Optimise lead generation with giosg

Our easy-to-use live chat, lead generation bots and intelligent chatbots allow you to focus on visitors that matter. Turn your hard-earned traffic into qualified leads and increase your average order value by 30%. Never again will you need to justify your marketing’s worth to your business!

giosg lead generation bots help you convert leads

3X more conversions with lead generation bots

Lead generation bots help you automate your marketing, nurture leads 24/7, and improve conversion rates. Identify prospects, qualify leads, and automatically book meetings for your sales team while providing a personalised customer experience.

Identify most valuable leads with the help of AI

With AI-powered targeting you can anticipate website visitor behaviour and predict a visitor’s likelihood to convert. Customise and trigger your bots to the right visitor at the right time, making sure you spend your marketing resources only on leads that convert.

giosg AI helps you target your valuable leads
Giosg Interaction Designer helps convert traffic

Create content with Interaction Designer

Get full control over your marketing campaigns with our drag-and-drop content solution, and easily build content that drives online engagement. Create, customise and automate lead generation bots and interactive campaigns - no coding skills required!

“We looked at a number of different options but giosg’s support, continued development and user-friendly interface made it an easy choice.“

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Aaron Caisley, Head of Marketing and Admissions
West Herts College - WHC Group

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It’s easy to maximise your marketing ROI

Giosg marketing solutions help identify your website visitors for sales opportunities

Identify sales opportunities

See who is on your website in real-time and identify visitors to prioritise. Let your sales team convert traffic into sales by serving them with ready-to-buy leads.

giosg AI-powered targeting helps you deliver sales-ready leads

Excel in targeted messaging

AI-powered targeting and rule-based workflows help you trigger interactions at the right time with the right message to the right visitors making it easy for you to deliver sales-ready leads.

Design bots without coding with giosg Interaction Designer

Design bots without coding

Design your bots and easily create and publish interactive content by using our no-code solution, giosg Interaction Designer. Benefit from ready-to-use templates to convert your target audience.

A/B test your content with giosg marketing solutions

Improve conversion rates

A/B test your bots and interactions to optimise your conversion rates. Identify what messages, buttons and calls-to-action resonate best with your audience.

Expand your marketing reach with giosg's partner site solution

Generate more leads on partner sites

Expand your lead generation outside your website by placing giosg’s live chat, bots, and interactions on partner sites. Track down conversions from paid ads

Giosg real-time tracking helps you measure your performance

Measure your performance

Use real-time reporting to measure the success of marketing efforts and prove your worth to the business. Get intel into where website visitors come from, what page they are on, and how many times they've visited your site.

Want to prove your marketing’s worth?

Find out how you can increase your return on marketing investment.