Moment Group Helps Their Clients Convert 40% More Sales Leads

Moment Group offers a complete chat solution for their customers with 24/7 chat agents, Moment Makers. As a resource partner, giosg provides Moment Group with an efficient chat platform for their agents to operate in. 

Read the story on how this partnership has yielded concrete results for Moment Group’s end customers with increased sales figures, leads and conversion rates!

The Challenge and the Solution

Before 2014, Moment Group didn’t have a chat to offer for their customers. At that time, chats were just starting to gain popularity in Finland and Moment Group wanted to be among the first to provide one.

Giosg stood out from the rest of the live chat providers due to various smart features and energetic team. A meaningful and working collaboration was a true selling point.

Moment group agent

Support for partners

“It has been effortless to cooperate with Giosg. We communicate on a daily basis and feel that we can openly discuss things important to us and our customers – e.g. development issues.

Giosg and Moment group have a biweekly meeting in which we discuss hot chat topics. In these meetings, potential problems can be dealt with at once - or at least brought to the fore. We do routine technical implementations for our clients ourselves, but more demanding implementations can be outsourced to giosg experts.

Moment Group’s salespersons have been pleased with the personalized sales materials provided by giosg. The material deepens our own expertise as well as it makes it easy for us to introduce the chat service to our customers.“

Annika Strand, Marketing Manager at Moment Group

Value for Partners

Giosg Live Chat has been a clear success for Moment Group and their customers with concrete results. One of the great success stories is Moment Group’s public reference with Kauppahalli24 and their chat service. In addition, chat supports their other functionalities in other channels like phone and email as well.

The figures Moment has collected from their customers speak for themselves. As much as 30-40% of all chat conversations in both b2b and b2c turn into sales leads.

On online shops visitors who chat are 5x more likely to make a purchase compared to the ones who don’t chat. Additionally, shopping cart value has increased by 15%.

With healthcare services, chats that handle the appointments, 30% of customers have got it done via these chats. The cancelled appointments in turn are sold onwards, eliminating the empty spots in schedules.

Profit centres like Moment Group require a live chat that allows agents to take care of multiple chats simultaneously. The software to accomplish this needs to be fluent, the interface must be efficient and the key performance indicators should be easily found. This kind of service is enabled through a working partnership.

“giosg represents their new software features very well and listens to our wishes on how the software could be further developed.”

Pasi Toivokoski, Chief Chat Officer at Moment Group