Automation Made Easy with giosg Interaction Designer

Creating and publishing interactive content on your website is easy with giosg Interaction Designer. No coding skills required! Pop-up ads and campaign banners? Yes. Button-based chatbots, engaging contact forms, polls and quizzes? Sure! Create all the above and more.

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Explore and find various ways to reach out to your prospects and customers.


Automate recurring questions. Reduce manual labour and serve 24/7.


Optimise your website performance and capture more leads with targeted interactions.

giosg Interaction Designer - Creating a chatbot -

Build Chatbots

Build your own button-based interactive chatbots to guide and help your website visitors. Improve customer experience, provide faster support, and generate more leads.

  • Make finding information and products easy
  • Guide visitors to the right direction 
  • Find new customers

giosg extensive user analytics

Automate Conversations

Tailor and target interactions with a flexible workflow engine to improve conversion rates and customer engagement.

  • Automate conversation workflows based on visitor profiles 
  • Trigger customised messages and actions 
  • Identify and target specific visitors

giosg AB testing

Test & Measure

Test and measure to increase your conversion rates. Giosg A/B testing reveals which interactions perform best and enable you to target your prospects more effectively.

  • Optimise interactions 
  • Gain insight on visitors’ preferences 
  • Segment your audiences and identify most potential buyers

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Giosg Interaction Designer provides us with so many different ways to build our interactions. It takes only a few minutes for me to create a button-based chatbot to help my customers find the car they are looking for

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Customer Insight Specialist K-Caara