Create customised bots with giosg Interaction Designer
giosg Interaction Designer

Automate your lead generation and customer experience

Create customised bots and interactive content easily with an innovative drag-and-drop solution.

Interact with website visitors in a fun and meaningful way to improve conversion rates and customer experience!

Create content with no coding skills when you use giosg Interaction Designer

Create interactive content without coding

Creating interactions that drive results is easy, effortless, and requires no coding skills when you use giosg Interaction Designer.

Customise your website interactions to meet your business goals, whether it’s improving conversion rates or your customer experience.

Build your own FAQ bots, multi-step forms or lead generation bots - your imagination is the limit!

Convert leads with the help of AI

Ensure you focus your interactions on the right visitor at the right time by using rule-based workflows and AI-powered triggers.

With giosg Interaction Designer, you can convert and qualify leads using any of our 30+ targeting triggers. 

Target your lead capture content based on website visitor behaviour like the page URL, traffic source, or shopping cart value.

Giosg AI tools helps you convert leads with bots created in giosg Interaction Designer
Giosg A/B testing helps your optimise your content

Improve conversion rates with A/B testing

Find out what resonates with your audience and optimise your content with A/B testing.

Monitor and compare which content versions perform best, and use the data to develop your conversational marketing.

Analyse, edit and republish your interactive content effortlessly to boost your conversion rates.

“Interaction Designer provides us with so many different ways to build our interactions. It takes only a few minutes for me to create a button-based chatbot to help my customers find the car they are looking for.”

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Matti Sahi, Customer Insight Specialist

Easily build and publish interactive

Giosg intuitive interface helps you to easily create content

Enjoy the intuitive interface

Creating a bot from scratch is so easy you won’t need help from your IT department or a marketing agency. Use our intuitive bot creation tools and our ready-to-go templates to reach out to your customers.

Generate high-quality leads 24/7 with giosg Interaction Designer

Generate high-quality leads 24/7

Create lead generation bots that convert website traffic 24/7. Build and publish bots that qualify and automatically convert your visitors into sales-ready leads even when you’re out of the office.

A/B test and optimise your marketing campaigns with giosg solutions

Optimise your marketing campaigns

A/B test your bots to improve your marketing campaigns. Identify what messages, buttons, and calls-to-action resonate best with your audience. Optimize your bots in no time or create new ones on the fly.

Customise your content to meet your brand guidelines with giosgs no-code solution

Stay on brand

Ensure your content always meets your brand guidelines. All the elements you create can be fully customised to match the look and feel of your brand to provide a full brand experience to your customers.

Connect your bots with giosg Live Chat

Add human touch

Connect your bots with live chat to enhance the customer experience. Enable your qualified leads to make a seamless switch from the bot to the chat in matters that require a human touch.

Integrate your customer data systems with giosg Interaction Designer

Enrich your CRM data

Integrate your customer data systems and let your valuable bot data flow seamlessly to your CRM and marketing automation software for additional customer insight.

Find the best solution for your business

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Create interactions that drive


more leads compared to static forms


more newsletter subscriptions


better MQL to SQL conversion

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