Stars within Swedish Trade Awarded at Nalen during Retail Awards by Svensk Handel 2023


Retail Awards is the name of the gala for all of Sweden's trade and took place on May 8th, 2023 in Nalen's beautiful premises in Sweden, central Stockholm. In this article, we share the highlights from the evening gala where the nominees were industry leaders from;  TotemeChimiClas OhlsonHatstoreElonDjerf Avenue, and more.

On-site at the Retail Awards, the event organized by Svensk Handel for the sixteenth year in a row the evening in honor, we were met by traders from a mix of different Swedish companies. The event aims to celebrate the stars of the trade and promote the industry and the people behind the work. Some of the best retailers would be awarded in nine different categories.

The CEO of Svensk Handel, Sofia Larsen, was welcomed on stage by the evening's moderators. Sofia greeted everyone warmly welcome, and told us about how they proudly organize the event every year, to pay tribute to the stars of trade who contribute to community development. In trade, many young people get their first jobs, and it is an incredibly important part of Sweden's welfare.

"The situation is tough within retail right now, and at Svensk Handel, we are doing everything we can to be there and support. We work hard to be the voice for trade in Sweden."

- Sofia Larsen, CEO, of Svensk Handel. 

Then it was time to present the evening's 27 nominees. 

Leader of the year

Rickard Lyko, CEO, Lyko
Stina Karlsson, CEO, Åhléns Outlet
Niklas Eriksson, CEO, El Giganten


The winner: Rickard Lyko!
"Rickard is a valued leader thanks to his transparent and down-to-earth way of communicating. He shows direction for the organization and has the courage to explore new paths. Rickard believes in the abilities of his employees, and encourages all employees to do their best and make their own decisions, while he is always there and supports them along the way".

Digital Investment of the Year

Djerf Avenue
Gina Tricot

The winner: Djerf Avenue!
"With an impressive and hand-picked project group consisting of some of the most prominent suppliers on the market, Djerf Avenue has implemented a modern headless environment with good scalability, omnichannel support, and security. The investment enables continued strong global expansion, that the "Djerf Avenue universe" has been broadened with re-selling and a very own social media has been launched in the form of Angels Avenue."

Sustainability of the year

Polarn & Pyret

The winner: Circuit! 
"A meeting place that brings together partners around circular trade and consumption. In the venture Circuit, Ingka Centers has created a new type of retail-based destination and a hub where the visitor can learn about repairing, reusing, renting, and recycling all types of products. A unique venture and concept that makes circular solutions and consumption accessible to the broad masses. Circuit shows in an innovative and inspiring way the way to go from consumer to circular".


This year's International Expansion

Waldor & Co

The winner: Chimi! 
"Since the beginning, Chimi has invested in building a global brand, and after reaching a turnover of approx. SEK 100m in 2021, an ambitious investment in increased international expansion was launched. Outside of Sweden, the USA is one of the fastest growing markets and this year the brand is expected to open its first store in New York."

Growth Company of the Year


The winner: Gårdssällskapet!
"With animal welfare, ecology, and health in focus, this actor has entered one of the toughest industries for e-commerce, namely the grocery industry. By rounding out the traditional retail trade, they have created a new business model that connects the consumer directly with the producer. The sales channel is either through the internet or by knocking on doors. Even for an e-commerce company, the personal service and the human encounter are part of the overall experience. Strong and profitable growth with a new business model in a traditional industry is the result."

Logistic Solution of the Year

Clas Ohlson

The winner: Clas Ohlson!
"Since 2018, Clas Ohlson has invested in using stores as local e-commerce warehouses for faster and more cost-effective deliveries. Today, the chain has a total of nine so-called "feeder stores" in the Nordics, which complement the central warehouse in Insjön. As the feeder stores have an expanded assortment, it also meant increased turnover locally. The investment in feeder stores is a good example of the important new and innovative logistics solutions have on a company's omnichannel development."

Store of the Year

Carl Hoff
Japanese Knife Company
These Go To 11

The winner: These Go To 11! 
"Solid knowledge from touring life has created a high level of knowledge! Unique service, specialist knowledge, and an honest ambition to help the customer with everything from plectrums to speaker tools. These Go To 11 have succeeded in creating an inspiring connection to Sweden's music and cultural history, in collaboration with the best producers. A shop that needs to be experienced!"

Store Salesperson of the Year

Oliwer Lundin, Kicks
Svante Bohlin, Urban Bike Wear
Lova Lindgren, Synsam

The winner: Lova Lindgren! 
"With a genuine interest in the customer and their needs and wishes, Lova always does her utmost to meet and exceed them. She has a willingness to learn, seeks answers to questions and challenges herself and has taken on greater responsibility than what was expected of her. Lova's driving force can be seen not least in the sales figures, where she herself accounts for at least half of the team's sales on a monthly basis, at the same time as she takes her place in the team and naturally coaches her colleagues!"

This year's shopping experience


The winner: Inet! 
"Inet not only has a firm customer focus, but they are also almost obsessed with their customers, or "friends" as they themselves call them. When, in addition, the employees are so deeply committed to Inet's range, a buying experience that beats most arises. An experience that develops in a symbiosis between employees and loyal customers who recommend and find the best solution for each individual."

The evening continued with singing and dancing to the lovely performance of the artist Hanna Ferm.


Giosg are proud partners with the industry organization Svensk Handel. We want to thank them for a well-organized event for a very good cause!

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