HKScan Invests in Digitalization – Offers More Personal Advice Through Website Support Interaction

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July 6th, 2023. Giosg, the leading tech company that combines interactive website content such as; live chat, live shopping, chatbots, AI, pop-ups, and more in one platform, can today announce that they have entered a collaboration with HKScan Sweden AB, the Nordic food company that has been on the market for 110 years.

Offering personalization online is growing more and more after the grip of the pandemic and the success of fast-growing digitalization. For companies, personalization means that you want to meet and offer the customer personal interactions of various kinds to advise, guide, provide personal support and offer the best possible customer journey.

HKScan Sweden AB is a Nordic food company that has been on the market for over 110 years. The company has its sights set on becoming a more versatile food company. This means, among other things, strengthening and expanding its position on the market within existing and new product categories and sales channels, as well as through new digital solutions and commercial concepts and partnerships.

With giosgs interactive SaaS platform, HKScan will now provide more personalized advice on the website; through a so-called first line support-bot. This is mainly for customer service purposes and to guide the visitor to the right type of help and the information requested.

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With the service bot the visitor can choose everything from questions about recipes, product information, sustainability, questions and answers, and to make contact with the company in case they haven’t received an answer to what they’re asking for. In the next step during August 2023, HKScan plans to implement a customer chat to be able to offer even faster support as an additional customer service element for increased customer satisfaction.

Going forward, they also discuss how AI could be a part of the chat solution for the customer to get answers to questions even faster, and then a "real" agent will be connected if further help is needed.

“We are very excited that HKScan has chosen giosg as a supplier in Sweden for improved customer service. We see many synergy effects where together we can improve their customer support, and it feels great that we also have HKScan as customers in the Finnish market as well. We are happy to welcome such a large customer and actor within the food industry, and look forward to a long-term collaboration", comments Jonas Willner, Key Account Manager at giosg.

“It feels good to have gone live with giosg and be able to influence customer satisfaction and the customer journey with new interactions, as well as help our customers in a better way on the website; We are also looking forward to developing chat and possibly also AI, and it feels safe to continue with a partner that we already work with in Finland", adds Lina Wikman, Digital Marketing Specialist at HKScan.

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Om HKScan

HKScan is a Nordic food company with a history and experience that stretches back more than 110 years. Since then, we have grown, developed and continued to be a company of the times. Our products are responsibly and sustainably manufactured and meet our consumers' demand for both a varied and tasty plate model. Read more at: 

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