Optimise your customer interactions with the new A/B testing tool

The new giosg built-in A/B testing for the website interactions is available now for giosg customers. The new tool makes it possible to run A/B tests for proactive automated messages or any other kinds of interactive content on your website, like banners, button-based chatbots or pop-ups.

“It's important not to just assume what works and what doesn't but to test different alternatives and measure their performance against your goals, in order to optimise your interactions. What messages resonate the best? Which actions convert better and push visitors to make purchase decisions? Testing all of the above is now easier with our A/B testing tool”, says Jani Köykkä, Product Manager for giosg. 

giosg A/B testing enables you to:

  • Drive your conversion rates by optimising your interactions
  • Gain insights into your visitors preferences
  • Drive better engagement by comparing interactions
  • And simply validate if you are doing the right thing

AB testing

For further information, please chat with us on giosg.com

About Giosg: 

Giosg offers businesses digital tools for diverse, personalised and creative ways to interact with their online visitors and customers. By combining data, AI technology and human engagement, we help our customers create meaningful interactions, serve more efficiently and grow their business.

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