Giosg focuses on accessibility for everyone

In 2016, the EU introduced a new directive on the accessibility of public sector websites and mobile applications. The objectives of this directive were to promote the possibility for all to fully participate in the digital society and to create a Europe-wide harmonized minimum level of requirements for public sector operators and to improve the quality of digital services. 

The directive applies to the public sector, but also practically indirectly to companies that deal with public operators, for example through the software they provide. This is where we come in.

Our goal is for everyone to use and enjoy giosg products. We best support this goal and the accessibility of our products by improving the accessibility of giosg products for visually impaired people. In addition to giosg's in-house testing, professional assistive technology users have tested and helped us improve the giosg solutions.

We believe it is crucial to include the people who are actually affected by the accessibility of digital services. With their invaluable help, we strive to offer products that truly belong to everyone.

"It is great that giosg takes accessibility into account in its service design, which enables the service to be used by special groups."

Hun ry / Kalle Haukka, Ibrahim Milanovic and Niko Sutinen


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