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How do chatbots work? – We got a chatbot developer to answer [Interview]

Posted by Petri Vilpponen on February 23, 2017

We sat down with Indrek Vainu who is the Product Manager at AlphaBlues, an artificial intelligence start-up that automates customer service with chatbots. Indrek answered some of the most common questions that we get from customers about chatbots.

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Why the chatbot hype will pay off this time

Posted by Petri Vilpponen on January 17, 2017

Computer-controlled bots who can communicate with customers. That has been the dream of customer service professionals for quite a while now. Corporate giants have been testing them since the last decade but so far, we haven't seen them implemented at scale.

Once again, there's an industry-wide hype around chatbots but this time, that hype will pay off. And there are two simple reasons why they will actually make it.

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What happens on your website after dark – i.e. how to maintain your service quality after hours?

Posted by Petri Vilpponen on October 25, 2016

It’s dusk and your customer service is closing the chat service for the day. They are tired after handling up to 7 messages at a time for the whole day (like Finnair’s agents do).

They’ve been there when your visitor has felt lost. They’ve been there when your visitor needed details. And while helping, they’ve been collecting leads for the sales peeps, maybe in the dozens (like YIT does).


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How Finnair managed to drop some of the traditional customer service channels [Case Study]

Posted by Petri Vilpponen on October 11, 2016

In 2014, Finnair faced the same problem many customer oriented companies face: customer service costs a lot. Customer service is important and engagement with the customer is directly linked to upselling, but the costs associated with traditional customer service channels are sometimes unbearable. Each call takes several minutes out of a service agent’s workday and each minute costs. 

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How to push hesitant visitors into purchase

Posted by Petri Vilpponen on July 6, 2016


Hesitant visitors are thorns in the flesh of many eCommerce leaders. Around 35% of visitors bounce before getting even started. And out of those who get started, almost 73% vanish at the final strecth and abandon their shopping cart.

So, what can you do to help your hesitant visitors to overcome their hesitance - to push them into purchase? In this blog post we'll go over the two-step process of identifying them and choosing the right method to push them into purchase.

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