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How to Fight Against Shopping Cart Abandonment? - 3 Steps to Follow

Posted by Ilkka Vertanen on May 9, 2016

In a previous blog, we gave a real world example of what happens when the online stores' buying process does not match the buyer’s individual needs. In that specific case the problem and the reason for abandoning the cart - was the lack of insurance related information. Had the buying process been truly personalized for the buyer, he would have received all the relevant information about insurance at the very first step of the buying process. This is something that could have been easily accomplished. Making a pop-up  to inform a customer about something is not difficult, quite the contrary, we already have all the knowledge and tools to do it today.

Sales Strategy lays the foundation for effective chat sales

Posted by Ilkka Vertanen on February 29, 2016

In the previous blog, I discussed at a general level, five considerations relevant when/how to direct salespeople online. This time, I will go deeper into the first level: Sales strategy.

Sales strategy defines the top level of what and to whom chat agents sell. It defines the stage of a purchase process during which the chat is activated. Also, it offers guidelines for sales persons operating the chat. The sales strategy has a strong link to goals,metrics, the allocation of resources as well as post-chat processes guiding how the chat agents work. More specifically, a chat sales strategy reflects for e.g. the choices made related to the visibility and proactive features of the chat.

Introduction of a Sales-Focused Webchat

Posted by Ilkka Vertanen on February 29, 2016
When discussing the introduction of a sales-focused webchat with our customers, the conversations revolve around five themes: sales strategy, goals, metrics, resources, and post-chat processes. I try to open these topics for discussion and help to form a general understanding of the subject. Partly, I also try to nudge companies already utilising a webchat to reflect their activities from a new perspective.