Video: Why integrate messaging apps into your channel mix

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Consumers want instant answers and are impatient. Hence, instant messaging has become part of our everyday lives. It is the closest to face-to-face customer-brand communication you can come in the digital world today.

As such, messaging apps have become fundamental n marketing strategies, join us to find out why you should be implementing social messaging channels and how to do so seamlessly!


In this video, learn:

    • Why use social messaging apps in 2020?
    • What messaging apps to consider
    • How to integrate messaging apps to reach your audience


Nea Björkqvist

Nea was the UK Marketing Manager at giosg.

Ari Nurmi, UK Country Director, giosg

Ari is passionate about helping businesses transform the way they interact with consumers online. He has experience working in digital marketing, media intelligence and marketing automation in North America, UK and the rest of Europe. Currently, he is heading the UK Sales and Marketing operations at giosg - a software company that combines data, AI technology and human engagement.

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