Sell more with giosg BASKET feature
giosg BASKET

Sell more with real-time shopping cart analytics

Optimise your eCommerce website with actionable insights. See what your customers intend to buy and monitor your online sales in real-time. Use giosg BASKET to proactively reduce cart abandonment, improve your conversion rate and boost online sales.

Offer free delivery with giosg Basket feature

Create targeted sales opportunities

See your online sales in real-time to identify sales opportunities and proactively engage with your customers.  Launch targeted interactions and personalise your messages with insight into your visitor shopping cart content and value. 

Increase conversions and your revenue by providing promotions through live chat, banners, or pop-ups that are relevant to your website visitors.  Offer free delivery or discount codes to help close more sales. 

Increase your average order value

Upsell upgrades, cross-sell additional products, offer discounts or deals, and reward loyal customers when they checkout with real-time shopping cart insight and analytics.


Get more data and personalise your actions further by comparing how different interactions and chat messages affect your conversion rates and boost your average basket size.

Increase average order value with giosg Basket tool
Real-time shopping cart view with giosg Basket feature

Improve your customer journey

Identify bottlenecks in your sales funnel and take the right action to resolve them. Surpass customer expectations at every step of their purchasing journey, from browsing to checkout.

By viewing your visitor shopping carts in real-time you can identify when your customers need help or where they might require encouragement to complete their online purchase.

Optimise conversion rates
with giosg BASKET

Real-time shopping cart data with giosg Basket add-on

View shopping carts in real-time

See the contents and value of your visitor shopping basket to upsell, cross-sell, and offer promotions or discounts.

View your customer journey with giosg Basket add-on

Track your checkout journey

See where your website visitor is in their checkout journey and proactively offer help to those in need via live chat.

Reporting with giosg Basket add-on

Get real-time sales reports

View your sales funnel in real-time and get customised reports sent directly to your inbox.

Time to reduce shopping cart abandonment?

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