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How AI solved one of the most pressing daily needs: Coffee supply

Posted by Päivi Harju, on 8 March, 2021

Finland has been ranked number one among the countries that drink most coffee, and our Helsinki office is no exception. Our office practically runs on coffee and we take it very seriously. We brew a l...

How to generate seller leads on property portals? - Ask the visitor

Posted by Päivi Harju, on 14 September, 2020

In the past decade or so, the way people search for homes has changed drastically as more and more house-hunters now start their search by looking on one of the major property portals. Recent research...

How banks can engage with customers and generate sales online

Posted by Päivi Harju, on 18 September, 2017

Like mentioned in a recent Finextra article, there’s one fundamental thing that separates banks from many other businesses; customers don’t want to do business with them. Customers don’t want a mortga...