European Telco's Demonstrates The Power of Virtual Stores

Read how the biggest telecommunications service provider in Europe was able to boost sales by 25% using their Virtual Store in Germany.


The challenge🕵️

The telecom industry has undergone profound shifts. The recession has sparked a client uprising. Customers want the best offer proposition with the best pricing and service. This doesn't mean you have to offer the lowest prices, but it implies that your client acquisition and service methods must be more inventive. This Telco company recognized the importance of providing an outstanding experience for prospective clients, so they reached out to giosg for assistance.

This Telco brand is also present in Spain, where they get almost 4 million regular site visitors. To better monetize the vast number of visitors to their site each month, they required a top-tier online engagement and conversion solution. They also intended to assist their other channels, like storefronts, in adopting new forms of technology that would simplify the buying process and enhance the shopping experience for their customers.

The Solution 🔑

The brand adopted giog's Conversational Marketing platform, integrating live video, real-time messaging, voice, and chatbot features. This helped them engage with their online audience in real-time and boost their online sales conversion rate. The Hybrid Conversational Sales approach enabled personalized interactions, breaking the boundaries of traditional marketing and empowering brands to connect with multiple people simultaneously.

After witnessing success in Spain, the leading European Telco provider recognized the potential to enhance their online sales in Germany. They turned to giog's One-to-One solution, significantly increasing their online sales conversion rate. In the past year alone, sales through the giosg solution have tripled, showcasing the platform's effectiveness.

Moreover, the brand strategically invested in a virtual store integrated within its contact centre. This innovative approach aimed to replicate the in-store experience and provide customers with an immersive online shopping journey.

The Results📊

By embracing this fresh approach to online communication, this company enhanced its customers' online experience and set itself apart from other Telco brands—a whopping 24% increase in online sales conversion and a more enriched digital channel mix. The Spanish project is a shining example of success, focusing on driving customer engagement through cross-channel integration, streamlining user journeys, introducing new channels, and compelling opportunities.


Thanks to the implementation of the Conversational Marketing platform, this Telco brand has witnessed a remarkable 19% increase in engagement and a boost in customer satisfaction rates. Notably, the webpage featuring giosg's One-To-Many live video chat achieved the highest Net Promoter Score (NPS) among all other channels.

Additionally, the integrated lead capture solution functionalities within their live video chat empower the brand to segment the audience and guide interested viewers closer to a purchase. Once a viewer asks a question to the live presenter, a chatbot message pops up in the chat: "Looks like you're interested. Would you like personal assistance?" If the viewer clicks the YES button, the chatbot seamlessly redirects them to a giosg Hybrid Conversational Sales session. This session enables the customer to engage in a more personalized and one-to-one chat with a dedicated expert, further advancing them towards a potential sale.

This telco brand simplified omnichannel marketing by combining a human touch through a live chat with the engagement of an intuitive chatbot. They delivered exceptional customer experiences throughout the buyer journey, reaching an impressive 20% online sales share. The giosg solution alone accounted for 50% of these sales.

To further enhance the customer experience, the brand unified the entire journey on its website. This strengthened their brand focus, making it easier to reach their web audience. The German telco successfully drives traffic to its live video sessions from various digital advertising campaigns. This clever feature resulted in a 3% increase in ads conversion rate, showcasing their effectiveness rather than shifting the channel mix.

The best part is that customers can seamlessly participate in these sessions without any login, plugin, or download.


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In April 2023, giosg, the leading Finnish SaaS business, announced the acquisition of Whisbi and its subsidiaries in the US. The initiative marks a significant step towards continued growth and expansion. Read our press release about the acquisition here.

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This telco brand effectively directs traffic to its live video sessions from any digital advertising campaign. This incredible feature alone has resulted in a noteworthy 3% increase in their ads conversion rate beyond mere channel shifting.


Giosg's conversational marketing platform has enhanced the online customer experience in the German and Spanish markets and positioned the brand as an innovative leader in the industry.