Delivering excellent customer service efficiently

By Upcoming, on 7 October, 2020
Wednesday, 25 November 2020
12.00 GMT / 13.00 CET / 14.00 EET
Duration: 45 minutes

Supporting your customers in real-time with fast response and resolution times is music to your customers' ears. This also improves the customer experience you offer and your revenue streams as your customers feel appreciated and are equipped with  necessary information to do even more business with you.

We at giosg are experts in customer service in digital channels and we will teach you how boost your customer service efficiency online on our next webinar!  

Join us for this webinar to learn:

  • How chatbots and a live chat service transforms your customer service online
  • How to scale up your service with limited resources
  • How to measure and maintain a continious improvement of your service 


Giosg helps businesses to increase marketing, sales and customer service productivity with an easy-to-use live chat, intelligent chatbots, and targeted interactions that convert website visitors into sales and happy customers in a flash.

Topics: Customer Service

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