AI-powered targeting with giosg TARGET
giosg TARGET

Boost conversions with AI-powered targeting

Identify visitors with the biggest sales potential and engage with them at the right time. Don’t let website visitors leave unconverted - create meaningful interactions with intelligent AI-powered targeting!

giosg Target add-on feature  helps identify website visitors

Identify your most valuable visitors

AI-powered targeting helps you identify your most valuable visitors based on their behaviour and your objectives. Fully automate and efficiently target your highest potential customers to boost your conversion goals, while saving your time and important resources.

Target website visitors with the right actions

With the power of AI, your interactions are shown to the website visitors who need and benefit from it the most. Whether it’s showing a discount code to a hesitant shopper to help close the sale or proactively starting a chat with customers looking for more information, giosg TARGET will help you fully automate what action to take.

Automate your actions with Giosg Target add-on feature
Boost conversions with giosg Target add-on feature

Efficiently reach your conversion goals

Setting up workflows manually can be time-consuming and may become difficult to track. Take your automation to the next level and start targeting with a simple push of a button.  Giosg TARGET increases your efficiency and has the potential to boost conversion rates by 6X compared to manually created if-then rules.

How intelligent targeting works

Track and analyse your visitor behavious with giosg target

Analyse website visitor behaviour

When a visitor lands on your page, giosg TARGET starts to track and analyse your visitor behaviour

Increase conversions with giosg Target

Predict and increase conversions

Giosg TARGET then calculates and predicts how the visitor will behave based on all the data it has on previous visitors.

Automate with data using giosg Target

Target with interactions

Armed with data, giosg TARGET decides when to trigger interactions in order to convert visitors into your desired business goal.

Ready to get started with AI-powered conversions?

Make every interaction count and increase conversions
with giosg TARGET intelligent targeting.