Giosg RULES workflow for automation
giosg RULES

Create workflows to automate your customer interactions

Reach your business goals and personalise your customer experience by triggering your live chat, chatbots and other interactions with workflow automation. Use giosg RULES to target specific visitors and customise your messages.

giosg RULES for personalisation

Personalise your website customer experience

If your interaction with a customer online isn't meaningful to them, nothing will come of it. Giosg RULES ensure you target your chat, chatbots and other interactions at the right time to the right visitor, with the right message.


Improve your customer journey and offer a personalised customer experience by activating interactions based on a visitors website page, location, traffic source, shopping basket value and much more! 

Optimise rules for your business goals

Customise targeting with rule-based workflow automation to achieve your business goals, while providing relevant content for your website visitors. Combine all your data by pulling further insight from your CRM to personalise interactions further.


Use real-time data to understand visitor intentions and drive desired results, whether it’s increasing sales, higher conversion rate, or improved response time.

Optimise your results with giosg RULES

Simple targeting with giosg RULES

Target with intent using giosg rules

Target according to customer intent

Activate your sales chat on your high converting pages and your customer service chat on your FAQ pages.

Customise your actions with giosg rules

Customise for campaigns

Customise your chat or chatbot messages for visitors arriving from specific campaign URLs from your paid search, social or email campaigns.

Target with giosg Rules

Reward loyal customers

Target first time page visitors with a welcome message and reward loyal customers that return to your site with personalised messages.

Offer promotions with giosg RULES

Trigger offers that convert

Provide promotions to convert hesitant visitors and use workflows to trigger offers to visitors that might otherwise go unconverted.

Optimised checkout journey with giosg RULES

Improve your customer journey

Combine giosg RULES with shopping cart data to increase cart size by upselling high-value products and cross-selling relevant items.

Localise your messaging with giosg RULES

Localise your messages

Does your website get visitors from several countries? Is it available in different languages? Set up rules to greet customers in their own language.

Want to personalise your
customer experience?

Get started with giosg RULES and provide
the right interaction at the right time.