Reach your target audience with giosg NETWORK

Expand your reach with partner networks

Reach your target audience by placing your interactions, live chat and chatbots onto your partner sites. Engage with both potential and existing customers outside of your website and use your partner network to grow your business, generate leads and help customers.

Engage directly with your target audience using giosg Network feature

Engage your target audience in the right context

Your partner network already sells and promotes your products or services on their website, so why not take advantage of this opportunity?

giosg NETWORK allows you to engage with your target audience directly on your partner sites. Provide real-time customer service and sell online when and where your customers need it.

Increase lead generation across your partner network

Use your digital partner network to increase your online conversions. Generate more leads and improve your speed-to-lead, by placing your live chat, chatbots or interactive content onto partner sites.


Giosg NETWORK enables your sales team to chat and connect with your potential customers outside of your own domain. 

Boost online conversions with giosg NETWORK

Grow your business through
your partner network

Sell more outside your own website with giosg Network feature

Serve and sell more

Grow revenue and provide your expert advice outside of your own domain, by expanding your interactions to your partner websites.

Reach your audience in one user interface with giosg Network feature

One user interface

See all your interactions in one single view. Take care of requests coming from multiple sources, whether your website or partner network site, within the giosg interface.

Real-time data and analytics with giosg Network feature

Get real-time data

Get visitor analytics, such as current page or page visits, while helping existing customers and acquiring new customers across a wide partner network.

Reach more customers online with giosg NETWORK

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