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Choose from our feature-rich live chat package and customise your solution with giosg add-on features. Get ready to boost your customer service and sales efficiency with giosg Live Chat!

giosg Live Chat


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from 49€ /month

What’s included:
  • Manage simultaneous chats
  • Chat on-the-go with giosg BAR mobile app
  • Automate proactive messages
  • 'Starter' message targeting and customisation
  • Get visitor insight & chat with high potential customers
  • Customised chat window
  • Canned responses
  • Chat statistics reporting


Customise and target chat conversations. Boost team performance!

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from 149€ /month

What’s included:
  • all STARTER package features
  • 'Growth' message targeting and customisation
  • Set up chatrooms based on website content
  • Route chats between teams
  • Team performance reporting
  • Team internal chat
  • Gamify your targets to boost performance


Optimise your customer experience and automate your workflows

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from 399€ /month

What’s included:
  • all GROWTH package features
  • Unlimited message targeting and customisation
  • Run A/B tests to optimise your messages
  • Integrate with your CRM and ticket systems
  • Integrate with Facebook and WhatsApp
  • Reach out to new customers on partner websites


Fully-customised chat solution to optimize your website's ROI

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What’s included:
  • Customise your Live Chat solution
  • Interaction Designer integration
  • Choose your add-ons
  • Optimisation consulting

Customise your live chat solution
with add-ons

giosg Rules for tiggering live chat

giosg RULES

Set up workflows that proactively trigger your chat and target your website visitors. Start conversations when customers need help!

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See shopping basket value with giosg BASKET feature

giosg BASKET

See the contents and value of your visitor’s shopping baskets in real-time. Upsell higher value products and cross-sell relevant items through chat.

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Shared browser view with giosg Cobrowse add-on feature


Provide practical hands-on assistance by allowing customers to share their browser view and mouse control with your chat operators.

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giosg Target AI-powered feature

giosg TARGET

Use our predictive technology powered by AI to start conversations with the right website visitor at the right time. Increase your chat conversion rate!

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Chat consulting with Giosg Optimisation feature


Analysis of your performance data and optimisation of your live chat by giosg optimisation consultants. Make sure you get the most out of your giosg solution.

Secure your chat data with giosg Vault feature

giosg VAULT

Secure sensitive data with chatlog and API data encryption. This extra cyber-secure add-on is ideal for businesses in finance, banking, insurance, and healthcare!

Chat outside of your own website with Giosg Network feature


Place your chat onto third party partner websites to expand lead generation outside of your website.

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Gamify your chat experience with Giosg derby add-on feature

giosg DERBY

Gamify your chat operator experience with Derby racing app to boost results and help your team hit targets.

“Giosg Live Chat platform has functionalities superior to other solutions. Giosg also provides personal support, feeding us new ideas on how to use their features to develop our business. This is something that truly adds value and helps us to develop our partnership further”

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Anna Niemelä, Customer Service Manager
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