USA Telecommunications Giant Skyrockets Online Conversion Rate by 161%

Read how giosg solutions helped a telecom giant to increase their online sales by 161% and significantly reduce in-store visits.


The Challenge 🕵️

In today's fast-changing telecom world, customer engagement solutions are a game-changer for digital sales. They bring a personal touch, making marketing interactive and conversational. We faced a big challenge: keeping customers online. People craved the hands-on experience of devices and human interaction. Complicated plans made online shopping even more daunting. Let's see how this company tackled it!

The Solution 🔑

Giosg swooped in to turn the tide, powering the brand’s Digital Virtual Store (DVS) with conversational technology. The DVS featured a live presenter, demoing the devices and offering a semblance of the physical store experience.

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This virtual store solution allowed customers to access quicker, more reliable help online, offering a live video interaction with a human and fostering trust and engagement among online prospects. It facilitated improved product education and accelerated the buying cycle.

This solution also allowed the brand to articulate its plans in an understandable language to an unlimited online audience. This was complemented with Q&A sessions to resolve queries and doubts, mainly benefiting the “Plans” section of the website.

The Results📊

Implementing giosg’s live video education tool increased customer engagement and online conversions, reducing in-store visits and abandonment rates.

The impressive results included:

🔥 161% increase in conversion rate across all web pages
🔥 +678 full orders, each comprising two or more units (accessories, devices, plans, etc.)
🔥  2.22% decrease in Care Call-in-Rate (CIR), as live video broadcasts catered to customers’ information needs


This transformative approach significantly improved online sales for new plans and devices, thanks to the information provided via live video chat sessions. The giosg-empowered DVS continues to register superior sales performance by offering clarity and support to online customers.

The brand made a giant leap forward by embracing giosg’s customer engagement solution. It underlined a powerful message to its peers in the Telecom industry: Disruptive, customer-centric digital innovation is the key to survival and winning the customer experience game.


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In April 2023, giosg, the leading Finnish SaaS business, announced the acquisition of Whisbi and its subsidiaries in the US. The initiative marks a significant step towards continued growth and expansion. Read our press release about the acquisition here.