Customer-centric Service and Efficient Tools as Drivers for Wetteri's Sales Growth

Wetteri, a  leading player in the automotive industry, is determined to secure the forefront of automotive profitability by 2025. With nearly 40 locations and efficient online services, Wetteri aims to be a pioneer in digital development in the automotive industry.


The Challenge 🔍

At the beginning of 2023, Wetteri fostered its growth as a significant player in the automotive industry by announcing two acquisitions. By acquiring Autotalo Hartikainen and Palin Oy's Autopalin business, Wetteri not only expanded its nationwide footprint but also enhanced its already diverse portfolio of car brands in Finland. This opened up new opportunities and expanded the range for customers.

As Wetteri expands, maintaining the efficiency of sales service amidst a growing customer base has become one of the key challenges. This requires prompt responses and efficient problem-solving.

To maintain a high level of service and increase sales, it is essential to accurately identify customer needs and preferences. By meeting these needs, Wetteri can enhance the shopping experience and attract new customers to their services.


"We need to identify what kind of service customers want or might want so that we can offer the right chat possibilities and interactions in the right place."

Jukka-Pekka Pauanne, Project Manager, Marketing, Wetteri


The Goal ⭐

One of Wetteri's key objectives is to utilize versatile and efficient sales channels, increase conversions, and improve targeted customer service.

For these objectives, it is important for Wetteri that the required solutions meet their needs as their operations grow. For example, the use and training of tools should be as easy and efficient as possible.


In this way, they can ensure that daily processes support their goals and help them respond to customer needs even more effectively.

The Solution ✅

To achieve these goals, Wetteri has implemented several giosg tools and integrations. They especially utilize the chat feature on their website and car portals, as well as the WhatsApp integration.

The chat, in particular, has proven to be an excellent initial contact channel, directing customers to calls or emails when necessary. When the chat service is unavailable, a simple contact form is shown to customers so that they can continue the conversation around the clock.

Wetteri also uses the giosg Interaction Builder primarily for providing customer support. The tool guides customers to the right resources and promotes self-service, reducing phone contacts and helping to avoid the need for external customer service.


"With interactions, we can serve a larger number of customers more efficiently, easily, and quickly."

Jukka-Pekka Pauanne, Project Manager, Marketing, Wetteri


Giosg’s solutions have enabled Wetteri to efficiently customize and maintain tools according to changing needs. In their collaboration, giosg and Wetteri focus on continuous development work to ensure that the tools are always up-to-date and efficient.

The Results 📊

The adoption of giosg solutions has brought significant improvements to Wetteri's operations.

The collaboration has increased targeted customer service in Wetteri’s digital sales channels and led to increased efficiency in internal operations.

Since the beginning of 2023,

🔥 The combined usage rate of interactions and chats is over 10 times higher compared to previous tools.

🔥 Over 300 monthly sales conversations on Wetteri's website, WhatsApp, and car portals.

🔥 The average first response time is under 15 seconds.

🔥 Approximately one-third of chats convert into leads.

Wetteri has also been particularly satisfied with the high quality and customizability of giosg’s tools.


"The customizability of previous tools was not at the required level. We were unable to do everything we wanted. With giosg, we can tailor the tools according to our needs."


"Giosg is an easy-to-use tool that provides all the necessary channels, views, and information in one place."

Jukka-Pekka Pauanne, Project Manager, Marketing, Wetteri


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Wetteri Oyj – Entrepreneur-led automotive growth company

Wetteri Oyj is an entrepreneur-led automotive growth company. In addition to retailing passenger, utility, and heavy-duty vehicles, the company provides maintenance and collision repair services for cars and heavy machinery. The company has 38 locations in Finland, with its headquarters located in Oulu. The company employs approximately 900 people, of whom over 70% work in maintenance and collision repair services. Wetteri is a promoter of automotive digitalization and an important player on the shared journey towards emission-free driving.

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