Telia Sweden Transitions Stores from Offline to Online, Achieving a 20% Conversion Rate

Read how the leading Telecommunication company in Sweden, Telia, are paving their way to be one of the first digital telcos to provide customers with an outstanding omnichannel experience.

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The challenge 🔍

Telia is the leading Telecommunications company in Sweden, with customers in all demographics.

Athough lots of Telia’s products and services can be bought through their website, some offers weren’t built for online selling.

Therefore, some customers had difficulties with buying these products and services online.

It was quickly recognized that the ability to provide personal sales assistance in real-time for these potential customers could increase their online sales and provide an overall better customer experience.

So Telia wanted to find a way to connect online customers with their experts to help them with all questions and inquiries.

The goal

Telia aims to become the first digital telco to provide customers with an outstanding omnichannel experience.

The critical part of this transformation was to connect brick-and-mortar stores to a digital-first customer experience on their website.


"For us, the most important step was to connect our brick and mortar stores to an online experience, directly from our website."

Mathias Strandberg, Head of Digital Strategy


This way, they could provide personal interactions to online customers, while making the most of their great in-store sales agents.


The solution🔑

Telia ran a small hypothesis, driving proof of concept with the giosg One-to-One solution, using their existing stores.

The solution allows businesses to connect hot online leads with sales experts in real-time – every time they visit the website.

telia sweden

Over the trials, we conducted different tests at a smaller scale to find the perfect balance and structure to optimize Telia's business results.

After six months of testing, the results revealed a positive outcome and a decision to scale up the collaboration to also include personalisation within the existing tools.

This way, Telia could improve their targeting to the ‘right’ customers and increase their online sales and presence even further.


"We wanted to provide our online customers with personal sales assistance in real-time. This provided them with a better customer experience and led to higher online conversion rates and increased our sales!"

Mathias Strandberg, Head of Digital Strategy


The results 🏆

With giosg, only after two months, Telia achieved:

⚡️ 6% CTR
⚡️ 30% request rate
⚡️ 2,500+ one-to-one calls per month
⚡️ 20% conversion rate
⚡️ 500+ sales per month



Thanks to the success of Telia’s collaboration with giosg and the impressive results they’ve seen in just two months, the collaboration will continue to further increase Telia’s volume online, connect more stores and agents and keep converting leads into highly valuable customers!

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In April 2023, giosg, the Finnish leading SaaS business, announced the acquisition of Whisbi and its subsidiaries in the US. The initiative marks a big step towards continued growth and expansion. Read our press release about the acquisition here.

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Telia Company is a Swedish multinational telecommunications company and mobile network operator present in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Telia also owns and operates TV4 Media which includes TV4 in Sweden and MTV in Finland and C More Entertainment.