World's Tech Giant Increases Sales by 5x Using Live Stream

How the largest electronics company in the world managed to obtain an incredible fivefold increase in revenue from online customers.


The Challenge🕵️ 

Like many electronics manufacturers, the biggest challenge was connecting with customers online. They started using live streaming in 2019 but became more critical during last year's lockdown. They couldn't visit their stores in person to ask for advice. They didn't want to limit themselves to offline experiences; they wanted to be there for their customers.

This brand has different websites for each country they operate in to make things easier for their customers. When people visit their website, they are automatically redirected to the right one based on location. This way, the brand can give customers a personalized experience that fits their country.

The Solution🔑 

This multinational company Live streamed daily from 9 am to 8 pm, continuously bringing the in-store experience to customers. Customers can ask questions about the products they're interested in, and the presenters provide advice. With giosg's solution, the customer experience has improved.

To promote their Live streaming sessions, the brand has created dedicated landing pages, developed virtual representations of the store, and set up discount codes to drive sales. They've also shared their streaming sessions on the websites of their business partners and resellers. By doing so, they can reach a larger audience and generate more qualified leads, ultimately leading to sales.

The Results📊  

The brand was thrilled to discover that by incorporating live streaming into their marketing and sales strategy on their website, the number of engaged customers skyrocketed right away. The brand introduced a daily schedule for their live streaming to make it convenient for customers, allowing customers to block their calendars accordingly. This approach attracted potential buyers who showed a genuine interest in their products. The brand witnessed a remarkable three-fold increase in participants, and viewers spent three times longer watching their live streaming. The engaged viewers actively posed relevant questions, leading to a higher conversion rate of web visitors into actual customers.

During the pre-sale of its latest flagship model, the company took advantage of their live-streaming sessions to introduce exclusive discount codes. Surprisingly, a whopping 76% of the generated discount codes were redeemed either during or after these sessions. The level of interest surpassed the company's initial expectations, showcasing the incredible impact and effectiveness of live-streaming solutions such as giosg's.

Here are some additional measures of success that highlight the impact of the live stream:



  • Over 4 million viewers tuned in to watch the broadcast.
  • An impressive 28% of the viewers actively engaged with the content.
  • Viewers asked over 127,000 questions, demonstrating their high level of interest and interaction.
  • Customers who watched the live stream experienced a remarkable fivefold increase in sales, showcasing the significant influence and effectiveness of the broadcast.


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In April 2023, giosg, the leading Finnish SaaS business, announced the acquisition of Whisbi and its subsidiaries in the US. The initiative marks a significant step towards continued growth and expansion. Read our press release about the acquisition here.