Secto Automotive Boosts Lead Generation with Live Chat and Targeted Bots

Learn how Secto Automotive leverages giosg's live chat and targeted chatbots to optimize their lead generation and achieve record-breaking conversion rates.

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Secto Automotive identified the need to build its digital strategy to enable a diverse channel selection and support its physical in-store experience online. Secto's goal is to provide high-quality service, reach potential interested customers, and generate leads along with a seamless customer experience.


The background and challenge 👨‍🔧

In the traditional car buying process, people often visit multiple physical stores to explore and purchase their vehicle. To find what they are looking for, the purchasing experience often requires time spent visiting different stores, handling paperwork, and engaging in negotiations. This process has faced significant challenges, particularly in meeting the growing need for efficient and high-quality online services.

However, Secto Automotive is one step ahead. Whether it's buying a car or getting a question answered, Secto offers solutions for all stages of the process.

One of the notable challenges for Secto was to create a seamless and efficient online purchasing experience that would provide the same level of support and sales service as their physical in-store experience. This allows customers to interact and find solutions online, in addition to physical meetings, emails, and other traditional channels.

“[Online experience] may not work for all customers, but rather for a specific group.”

“People do more business online, and cars will be sold in online stores. It’s still relatively small, but we see that there is a growth path, and we want to be part of that development.”

It is important for Secto to find a solution that supports the service and sales experience in their stores. The right solution should also help reduce the use of phone service, allowing resources to be focused on efficiency and attention to the most important and complex customer cases online and in stores. Secto was particularly keen on finding ways to support visitors and customers at every stage of the customer journey.


Goals ⭐

Key goals for Secto included optimizing the lead generation process, optimizing service channels, and increasing digital channels. As a result, customers could easily find information, get answers to their questions, and receive prompt service, whether it was online or in-store.

A critical part of finding the solution was therefore increasing efficiency, strengthening support services, and offering a low threshold for customers to get in touch.


The Solution ✅ 

live chat

To achieve these goals, Secto implemented giosg's Live Chat along with targeted chatbots to support and guide website visitors. Secto now serves its customers more efficiently than ever before and focuses its resources on serving high-quality leads.

“For us, the most important thing is to establish contact with those people who visit our used car pages, those who might not necessarily make a call on their own. [Contact] happens quickly right now, not like sending an email and maybe getting a response tomorrow, but getting help immediately.”

By using multiple targeted bots, Secto can now easily engage with potential customers and reinforce their purchasing decisions by providing additional information that is often not available on car dealership websites. This also helps Secto learn more about their customers' needs and provide quick responses and products that meet their expectations.

“If the customer has to fill out a form or contact us through traditional means, the response will come tomorrow. Perhaps that customer has already bought the car from somewhere else.”

They particularly see improvement in customers’ low threshold for getting in touch with them. This has helped Secto approach warm leads and be proactive in the sales process.

“Through chat and interactions, the threshold for getting in touch is lowered, whether it's a chat or filling out a form and sending it.”

The Results 📊

lead generation results

Through the implementation of giosg chat and targeted bots, Secto Automotive has achieved impressive results in lead generation and customer support processes. In the spring of 2023, after a year of successful collaboration, Secto Automotive has reached new records in their lead generation process:

💬 43.5% increase in the number chats

📈 3x more chats converting to leads

🤖 10% lead conversion rate with targeted chatbots (total 0.91% → 3x the industry standard)


The Future🚀

Overall, Secto Automotive sees giosg as a valuable tool that allows them to easily try out different actions and features and innovate their processes. 

They also appreciate the versatility of the giosg tool, which, together with the support provided, has helped Secto to find new use cases for the platform.

“[giosg] is a versatile tool that also has a learning curve, but once you learn it, it's easy to do many different things with it.”

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Secto is a fully Finnish-owned, entrepreneur-driven car leasing operator established in 2007. They work to challenge traditional vehicle ownership models and to create new solutions based on their customer's current needs, with the aim to provide a hassle-free user experience.