JHL - Modernizing Customer Service with giosg

Kirsi Hahtomaa, an application specialist at JHL, Finland's largest trade union of the welfare sectors, shares their success story with giosg.


Facing the need for modernization, JHL transitioned from phone service to giosg's chat platform. The ability to serve multiple customers simultaneously divided resources efficiently and attracted younger members who preferred written communication.

giosg revolutionized our customer service, transforming our operations and increasing member satisfaction.”

The impact was significant. Challenging customer interactions became easier to handle through written dialogue. In addition, positive feedback increased, highlighting faster replies and problem resolution compared to phone service.

giosg's user-friendly interface allowed easy customization and training. In addition, exceptional customer support, regular check-ins, and a warm approach made the experience remarkable.

The key benefits:

Superb support, user-friendly interface, and efficient handling of multiple customer inquiries simultaneously using chat templates.

JHL's customer service transformed, achieving data-driven results with improved satisfaction, efficiency, and positive member feedback. giosg played a vital role in adapting to changing customer needs.


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JHL - The Trade Union for the Public and Welfare Sectors in Finland. It is the largest trade union in Finland, representing employees in various public and welfare sectors. The website provides information about JHL's activities, services, membership benefits, news, and resources related to labour rights, negotiations, and advocacy for their members.