Rittal Gets 10/10 for Their Chat Service

Find out how Rittal UK Ltd improved their online customer service and website navigation with giosg Live Chat and Interaction Builder.

Rittal giosg customer story

The Challenge

Rittal is one of the largest and most widely known manufacturers of enclosures and accessories for the electrical, electronic and IT industries throughout the world. 

Rittal UK’s website functions as a customer service channel and portal for existing customers to access product information. Due to the complexity of their product offering, customers were having difficulties navigating around the website and finding product information.

To provide a more effective post-sales service, Rittal UK decided to implement giosg Live Chat.

Giosg Interaction Builder was later introduced to accompany their chat service to help automate navigation and gather customer feedback.

Enter giosg

Rittal UK chose giosg as their new communication tool, as it came highly recommended by their Finnish counterpart, Rittal Oy.  Being a B2B company with complex and diverse industrial products, enquiries often require technical support.

With giosg tools, they are able to divide their 10-12 chat users into hierarchies, so that their Technical Team provide support to the Customer Service Team.

Rittal UK has tried various methods to proactively provide technical support depending on the visitors’ website behaviour. Creating a button-based bot with giosg Interaction Builder has enabled them to automate navigation and help guide their customers to the right support agent. Customers with specific technical questions can choose to chat directly with a technical expert using the bot menu.

It has also provided them with a better way of collecting customer feedback. Prior to this, agents would paste an external survey link into the chat, which would take the customer away from the chat conversation.

The button-based bot has automated this process and eliminated any extra steps for the customer. Giosg has worked together with Rittal UK throughout the implementation of both tools by providing advice and in-person support.

The Results

By combining live chat with a button-based bot, Rittal UK is now able to serve existing customers in real-time, help customers navigate around the website better, and access specific product information quicker.

It speeds up their online customer service significantly, as it allows agents to simply copy-paste links to product pages.

Customer feedback is tracked and evaluated each month and currently, their online chat receives an average rating of 10/10 from customers. Providing an effective chat service brings Rittal UK in line with competitors and their competitors’ online services.

Moving forward, they plan to improve the focus of their chat teams further, in order to decrease chat wait time. 

“Friendly, helpful and great at what they do.”
Natalie Siddle, Customer Insight Team, Rittal