Spain's Retail Titan Achieves 50% Growth in Conversions

Discover how one of the largest retailers in Spain achieved a remarkable 50% increase in their conversion rate.


The Challenge🕵️

This renowned retail brand holds a prominent position in the sleep equipment industry in Spain. With a remarkable 25 years of market experience, the company is a recognized leader in innovation, particularly in sleep research. They have achieved a remarkable feat by establishing a unique "Cátedra del Sueño" (Sleep Chair) in collaboration with the University of Granada.

Over more than a year, we have had the privilege of collaborating with this esteemed retail brand.

The project initially focused on assisting the company's Contact Center agents in coordinating home visits through their commercial agencies. The goal was to provide customers with an immersive showroom experience, enabling them to view the products firsthand. Subsequently, the company's commercial agencies would visit customers at their homes to offer personalized advice on their product purchases.

In recent months, the COVID-19 crisis has prompted this company to redefine its sales model, adapting to the challenges presented by the pandemic.

While their traditional sales model was built upon the following pillars:

👉 Direct online and offline promotional communication to capture leads

👉 Well-defined target audience

👉 Financing as a differentiation value

👉 Proximity sales through home visits

👉 Emphasis on face-to-face sales

The COVID-19 crisis compelled one of the largest retailers in Spain to reassess its sales model strategically. The inability to conduct face-to-face sales in customer homes and the heightened uncertainty surrounding financing conditions prompted this adaptation. As a result, the retailer has proactively rethought their approach to navigate the current market situation effectively.

The Solution🔑

The retailer made several critical decisions to change their business model to adapt to the new circumstances.

These decisions included:

🌟 Expanded target market through a revised communication strategy

🌟 Separated financing from communication, focusing on promotional price catalog

🌟 Emphasized direct sales conversion online and through the Contact Center

For this transformation, the brand partnered with giosg to reinvent itself and adjust to the digital changes prompted by the health crisis.

giosg's widget was integrated into all pages of their website, including the shopping cart, enabling online product sales through remote agents.

A CRM integration was also implemented, allowing the brand to view leads within its systems and analyze the types of clients attracted to its website. This collaboration facilitated a seamless transition to digital sales and enhanced customer insights for the brand.

The Results 📊


”Bringing together the immediacy of service that the Online world requires, with the advice and proximity of retail, can only be achieved through virtualization tools such as giosg."


Upon accessing the web page, customers notice a bubble button on the lower right side. By clicking on it, they initiate interaction with a chatbot.

The chatbot engages with the customer and utilizes filters to identify their needs. It segments customers into potential buyers or those seeking information about a previously purchased product. This segmentation enables a more targeted and personalized approach to meet the customer's requirements.


"The results of our collaboration are very positive, and we understand that this is the beginning of everything that we still can build together.”



The following key performance indicators (KPIs) were achieved:

🔥 Increased conversion rate: By enhancing the user experience (UX), the company successfully increased the conversion rate, resulting in approximately 50% of sales from contacted leads

🔥 Reduced customer contact times: The company significantly improved customer response times, reducing them from over 8 hours in some instances to immediate responses

🔥 Average purchase receipt exceeding €500: The average value of purchase receipts exceeded €500, indicating a solid performance in generating higher-value sales transactions

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) stands at an impressive 91% satisfaction, reflecting the positive feedback from customers. Here are some comments we received:

“They have contacted us immediately and not the next day, in which you as a customer are not available anyway”

“The kindness, the simplicity of the explanation and the treatment received”

“Very good service, very clear when offering the product and above all very kind… Thank you very much.”

About the brand

This brand is a proud member of the Spanish Association of Electronic Commerce. The association serves as a collective platform that unites businesses and organizations committed to the growth and advancement of e-commerce. Its primary objective is to advocate for the interests of its members while fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing within the industry. By being part of this association, the brand demonstrates its dedication to the development and success of e-commerce in Spain.


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