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Neste believes that the demand for digital services will continue to grow in their business area and wanted to get a head start in their digitalization process.


Neste’s product mix consists of various product lines that all have a different customer base and inside those customer segments, buyers with individual needs. The company believes that the demand for digital services will continue to grow in their business area which is one of the reasons why they aim to enable convenient self-service experience on the company website. Despite this trend, the number of incoming e-mails associated with website pages has remained on the same level which indicates that there could still be more to do to create the optimal self-service experience.  

Neste digital services helps grow their business


To overcome the challenge, Neste wanted to find an efficient solution which ultimately led to look for the best chat solution in the market. While benchmarking different alternatives, giosg’s services were recommended, and that’s how the cooperation between the two companies started.

Today, Neste has a team of trained chat agents who provide online customer support on certain website pages that, e.g. enable customers to order heating oil. The company usually has sales agents on chat duty between 7 am and 5 pm Monday to Friday. In additions to taking care of chat conversations these agents also simultaneously handle incoming emails.

Since October, the company has also tested offering extended live chat service opening hours and now has sales agents on duty during the evening (5 pm to 9 pm) and the weekend shift (9 am to 3 pm both days).


By creating smart rules to determine when and where on their website live chat support is offered, Neste has been able to help online customers to find the right information and complete orders efficiently.

Customers have welcomed live chat as a token of excellent customer care and based on their feedback and frequently asked questions, Neste has been able to further developed their website to meet both customers needs and company objectives better. On a practical level, this has, e.g. lead to a significant drop in the number of e-mails associated with website pages, giving customer service agents more time to focus on other tasks.

What’s next?

Neste is actively exploring new opportunities to expand the use of live chat to take advantage of new and advanced features. Bringing artificial intelligence to the chat is something that the company is especially interested.

To ensure continuous improvement of the customer experience the company decided to start measuring customer satisfaction by integrating NPS with live chat in November 2017. In the same month, Neste Estonia's customer service also decided to follow the lead by implementing live chat support on their website.

“Giosg live chat platform has functionalities superior to other solutions.  They also provide personal support, feeding us new ideas how to use their features to develop our business. This is something that truly adds value and helps us to develop our partnership further.

I also really like the fact that the company practices what they preach. We can always reach their customer support quickly using the chat on their website.”

Anna Niemelä, Customer Service Manager, Neste Marketing & Services

About the company

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Neste is an oil refining and marketing company located in Finland. It produces, refines and markets oil products and provides engineering services, as well as licensing production technologies. Neste has operations in 14 countries and employs over 5,000 people.