YIT converts apartment viewers with proactive sales chat

Construction company YIT managed to convert 3% of visitors of live chat into apartment owners within 2 months from their first chat - read the complete success story!

The Challenge

Selling newly constructed homes is a slow process, and within the last decade closing deals has become even more difficult as apartment hunters are relying more on the digital channels than on the assistance of a realtor.

YIT has a showcase of new homes on their website and a form to request a contact from sales rep. However, only the most confident visitors have filled the contact form, resulting in extremely low amount of leads.

Thus, YIT wanted an easy solution to detect the potential buyers early on their purchasing journey so that they can be turned into sales leads.

Enter giosg

YIT implemented giosg chat solution to its sales reps. Chat was set to automatically prompt the most lucrative users on the site if a sales rep was available for a discussion. This autosuggest-feature would greet the visitor with a prewritten message, while the sales rep got the benefits of proactive sales without actively having to make the difficult first move to open the conversation.

If the visitor replied to the automated message, the first available sales rep in that area would pick up the conversation. He would provide assurance and details the visitor needed while trying to cover their contact details to turn the sales discussion to traditional channels.

The Results

The same sales rep was always responsible for the whole sales funnel from chat conversation to open house and ultimately to closing the deal.

Immediately after the implementation the sales reps noticed the automated chat was picking up site visitors with clear buying intention. The questions were relevant to the apartment details and the sales reps were able to convert the anonymous chat discussions to actual sales leads.

After only a few months after the launch, YIT had acquired hundreds of warm leads from chat. Even more impressively, almost 3% of those who chatted had purchased an apartment within 2 months from the first chat, a conversion rate not bad for the biggest investment in one’s lifetime.

“Giosg has provided amazing service and they are constantly developing the product. I can highly recommend.”  Nina Inkala, YIT


About the company

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YIT is a construction company operating in Central Eastern Europe, Baltics, Russia and Finland. They are determined to create attractive urban environments by building housing, business premises, infrastructure and entire areas. YIT sells its residential units directly to consumers via YIT Homes-brand.