JOHNS&CO Converts 54% of Chat Conversations into Leads

Learn how London’s fastest-growing estate agency JOHNS&CO improves conversion with giosg Live Chat converting 54% of all incoming chats into leads. 

The challenge

JOHNS&CO wanted to improve their customer experience online and provide more convenient opportunities for customers to reach out to them.

Phone and email were no longer efficient enough. At the same time, they were driving quality traffic to their website but were failing to convert visitors into leads. 

With this increased traffic, they wanted to find a tool that would help them both improve their website conversion and customer experience. 

JOHNS&CO case study with giosg live chat

Enter giosg

JOHNS&CO chose to implement giosg Live Chat because of our solid experience working with other corporate brands. 

It was essential for JOHNS&CO to manage live chats in-house, rather than outsourcing chats to another provider, which made giosg the obvious choice of solution. 

After a quick and easy implementation of giosg software, multiple JOHNS&CO teams from relationship management to business development started managing chats.

Initially, this meant that they were able to prolong customer service hours to 16-hours a day. With a majority of their business coming from overseas, this was imperative and enabled JOHNS&CO agents to serve customers regardless of their time zone. 

Furthermore, using giosg Rules they were able to start displaying pop-up messages relevant to a specific page the customer was on, providing another way for JOHNS&CO to generate new leads.  

The results

JOHNS&CO saw an increase in lead generation from their website almost immediately. Today, 54% of all their incoming chats convert into leads. 

Furthermore, live chat allows JOHNS&CO to provide their valuable customers with an alternative way to start their property journey. This channel supports JOHNS&COs important brand image as a modern, young and innovative company online. 

JOHNS&CO continues to invest in live chat as a lead generation tool that provides its customers with better customer experience. In the future, they plan to potentially further increase their chat service hours per week.

“The giosg team are always available to help discuss new ideas and strategies, which is really useful. Plus, it’s one of the easiest of all our systems to train, due to the detailed training manuals and easy-to-use interface.”

Ashley Conaghan, Client Service Director, JOHNS&CO,

About the company

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JOHNS&CO is a fast-growing and innovative estate agency with seven offices in London. Founded in 2013, JOHNS&CO specialises in London’s New Homes Market and offers comprehensive services for those looking to buy, let, rent, sell or invest in the property market.