Brand Promises While Customer Experience Delivers - Insights from Damian Kernahan


In this episode, our guest, Damian Kernahan, the CEO of Proto CX, offers profound insights into the distinction between customer satisfaction and the overarching customer experience.

Understanding customer experience vs. customer satisfaction

  • Damian differentiates between customer service, the department attending to customer issues and enabling satisfaction by solving them, and customer experience, that in turn encompasses the entirety of a customer's interactions with a company and can potentially span a lifetime.

  • He highlights some common real-life cases like the ease of accessing information, dealing with billing problems, and the overall quality of communications between the customer and the company.

Improving customer experience in telecom

  • Damian hypothesises that there isn't a universal formula for this, but stresses the significance of understanding each telco's own unique context.

  • It's essential to discern what matters most to customers.

  • Some of the key steps include:

1. Recognizing customer priorities

    1. 2. Charting out the customer journey

    2. 3. Identifying the most pressing issues

    3. 4. Categorizing solutions into basics, differentiators, and delights

    4. 5. Disseminating this understanding throughout the organization

    7. The importance of promise-keeping

    10. Brands create promises, but the customer experience hinges on keeping them.

  • Damian underscores the imperative for brands to live up to their promises, ensuring they maintain trust and loyalty with their customer base.

  • He cites Slack as an example, which adjusted licenses to mirror actual usage, exemplifying their commitment to a customer-first approach.

The importance of valuing customers in experience design

  • The discussion highlights the transition from a product-centric GDP to service-focused one. Many businesses frequently offer underwhelming services, leading to customer dissatisfaction.

    Damian emphasizes that service experiences need to be as robust as product designs to meet customer expectations.

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