The Power of Design in Telecom - A Deep Dive with Rick Farrell


Join us as we delve into a captivating conversation with Rick Farrell, the Founder and design partner of Thunk. As an industry luminary, Rick sheds light on the magic of design in transforming a company's trajectory, especially within the telco sector.

The evolution from digital to design transformation

Rick breaks down the transformative journey of companies, emphasizing the shift from mere digital focus to a design-centric approach.

He introduces us to the concept of design maturity, providing valuable insights from the Nielsen Norman scale.


Decoding pitfalls and success strategies

Ever wondered about the common missteps in telecom?

Rick delineates the top pitfalls in digital product evolution and user experience.

Not just stopping at the challenges, he also charts out the pathway for companies to harness the might of design and embark on a user-centered design voyage.


Real-world insights and lessons

Drawing from his rich reservoir of experiences, Rick recounts personal tales, including the mistakes he wished he'd sidestepped and the strategies that paved the way for success.

As our enlightening discussion with Rick winds up, one thing becomes crystal clear: the realm of design is vast, and its potential, immense.

Whether you're a telco giant or a budding startup, embracing the ethos of design can be your game-changer.

So, are you ready to champion the telco arena?


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