Transforming Customer Experience: A Chat with Elin Melin Lundström

Today, we're diving into an enlightening conversation with Elin Melin Lundström. She is the head of e-commerce at Telia and has some profound knowledge to drop about online shopping and digital marketing. Let's get into it!

Working across continents: Stockholm to New York

Ever wonder how the office life changes from one city to another? Elin, who has worked in both New York and Stockholm, had some cool observations. For instance, she noticed that Americans are generally more outgoing,

while Scandinavians can be a bit more reserved. Plus, the snack game in New York offices is strong! Who doesn't love Friday bagels?

Challenges in the Swedish B2C telecom sector

When it comes to selling telecom products in Sweden, there are some hurdles to clear. Telecom products can be complex and don't get bought every day. Elin emphasizes that the key is to look at it from the customer's perspective and offer plenty of support.

Yep, that means you should expect to be well taken care of when buying something like a broadband plan or a new mobile number.

Personalization as the game changer

So, you know when you log into Spotify, and you get playlists that seem like they were made just for you? That's what Elin and her team are doing but in the telecom world.

It's like the website knows what you're looking for! This way, customers get solutions that suit them, rather than one-size-fits-all options.

The power of omni-channel sales

Omni-what now? Okay, so "omni-channel" is basically a fancy term for using different ways to make shopping super easy. Telia is acing this game by offering video calls to their stores and speedy same-day deliveries. Imagine this:

you get advice from a store assistant through a video call and receive your order on the same day. Cool, right?

Future of eCommerce in Swedish telecom

Elin believes the future is bright! Expect to see more of these customer-friendly features we talked about. And guess what? AI could even play a bigger role. Imagine this:

you're just talking, and a voice assistant understands what you need, gives you personalized recommendations, and even offers a discount. All that might be delivered to your doorstep in the next six hours! Sounds like the future, but it could be closer than we think.

Phew! That was a lot to take in, but so worth it. Elin Melin Lundström gave us some cool insights into how the digital customer experience is changing and what we can look forward to.

It's all about making things easier and better for us, the customers. So, the next time you're shopping online, remember: there's a whole lot of thought and technology making your experience as smooth as butter.


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