YTK's Live Chat and Chatbot Enhance Customer Experience

Read YTK Marketing Manager Anne Rautu’s customer story, in her own words, on how YTK was able to improve customer experience and conversion rates by proactively delivering targeted messages to website visitors, and developing and tracking their business through reporting.

The Challenge

We wanted to provide our one-year-old chatbot a good home where it would be possible to trace the answers in a meaningful way so that the client would not get lost in the customer path and thus get conflicting answers.

As we could rely on the chatbot to function properly, we could also extend the bot's service around the clock. We also wanted to proactively provide our website visitors with relevant messages and with the possibility to leave a callback request outside of customer service hours.

YTK Chatbot and live chat service

Enter giosg

Giosg Live Chat was chosen as the home and platform for our chatbot. We started a partnership with giosg on a four-month pilot over the summer. We were already familiar with chat as a tool itself, so before the pilot began our agents got a basic user interface training and more advanced training was held for key users on creating rules and reporting.

During deployment, the auto-start texts were configured via giosg and the chatbot's responses were also adjusted slightly to suit the new environment.

During the pilot, we identified the areas on our website where visitors needed help and then started to build code around the messaging to make the chat easily and effortlessly accessible to the visitor. We also built a contact form, which we embedded into the responses provided by the chatbot, and created an internal approach for handling contact requests.

Giosg has provided us with easy and quick support throughout our cooperation. The role of support has also been to guide us to succeed on our own, but with help always available when needed. Through regular meetings, we have been monitoring the functionality of the chat and working together to find improvements and goals to improve customer service.

The collaboration between giosg and GetJenny (chatbot provider) has been seamless, which has helped us easily and safely repatriate the chatbot to its new environment.

The results

With the introduction of Giosg, the chatbot is currently serving 24/7. The customer experience has  improved as we can provide service outside of customer service hours when the customer needs help.

Through various giosg rules, we are able to proactively provide website visitors with more targeted messages and thus improve our customer experience. Through reporting we are able to follow and improve the service experience all the time.

By providing targeted help across the site, we have been able to increase conversion and drive website visitors more effectively to seek advice through chat.

Plans for the future

Giosg's extensive service offering gives us many new opportunities to improve our customer service. Among other things, the Network tool enables us to work more closely with our partners to reach new customers and improve our customer service experience.

Social media integrations allow us to expand our customer service channels. Giosg’s swimlane view also provides the ability to proactively support website visitors by enabling agents to start conversations with the visitors.

“In order to meet our goal of providing the best customer service in Finland, we need to have the best tools at our disposal from the customer's and staff's point of view. For our members, we want to convey a sense of security and a caring atmosphere - and only succeed when we have like-minded partners around us. ”

Anne Rautu, Marketing Manager, YTK and YTK Association