Hyundai Bahrain Converts 57% of Leads Into Sales with Live Selling

Discover Hyundai Bahrain's remarkable achievement in reducing lead response time to just 24 hours, while achieving an outstanding 57% conversion rate from leads to actual car sales.


The Challenge 🕵️

Hyundai Bahrain, as many other businesses, faced a daunting challenge when showroom foot traffic and car sales dropped during the pandemic.

So Hyundai needed to adapt its business strategy and find an innovative and seamless solution to adapt to the changing landscape.


The Solution 🔑

To address these challenges, Hyundai Bahrain implemented giosg live shopping solution to offer their customers a direct and convenient communication channel.

The live stream feature allowed real-time interactions, answering queries and showcasing the latest features and car models.

With giosg, Hyundai Bahrain transformed their website into a lead generation tool, overcoming the limitations of reduced showroom traffic.

giosg Customer Hyundai Bahrain implementation of live showroom

Their sales agents gained mobility, conducting real-time conversations with customers and making calls directly from their mobile devices – regardless of their physical location.


The Results 📊

With giosg’s solution, Hyunday Bahrain successfully adapted to changing customer behaviours and recorded:


🔥 Reduced response time to customer inquiries from 1 week to a 24 hours

🔥 60% of showroom visits convert to test drives (up from 28%)

🔥 57% of deals won, surpassing the average rate of 18-20%


This showcases Hyundai's ability to adapt, leverage cutting-edge technology, and deliver exceptional customer experiences even in challenging times.

With giosg, Hyundai Bahrain reinforces their position as an industry leader and paving the way for future sales growth.

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In April 2023, giosg, the Finnish leading SaaS business, announced the acquisition of Whisbi and its subsidiaries in the US. The initiative marks a big step towards continued growth and expansion. Read our press release about the acquisition here.

About our customer


Hyundai Bahrain is the official dealer and distributor of Hyundai passenger and commercial vehicles. They’ve established themselves as one of the key players in the automotive sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Hyundai Bahrain continues to grow year after year through the management’s focus on improved customer experience and satisfaction.