K-Auto Closes Over 250 Car Sales by Taking Sales Online

K-Auto wanted to find a solution that would allow them to enhance their online customer experience and convert website visitors browsing for cars or car maintenance services into sales leads.

The Challenge

Instead of visiting car dealers in person, people now prefer to visit multiple websites when narrowing down options. Therefore, the company needed to find a solution that would allow them to first identify and then encourage website visitors to choose K-Auto over the competition.

To make matters even more complex, website visitors looking to buy new or used cars have different kinds of needs than people looking to book a time for car maintenance.

Additionally, there are a lot of visitors browsing on a website outside regular office hours. That's why finding a cost-effective staffing solution, to begin with, was also something that needed to be resolved.

K-caara takes their sales team online with live chat

Enter giosg

K-Auto chose giosg thanks to the cost-effective overall solution, user-friendly interface, and minimal need for the IT department’s support in deployment. In addition, K-Auto appreciated the network capabilities that giosg’s chat service was introducing.

To engage with customers browsing for new or used cars before they leave K-Auto’s websites, a live chat button has been set to automatically greet the visitor with a welcome message asking if the visitor would like to book time for a test drive or sales negotiation.

More specifically, after the visitor has spent 5 seconds on the site, a chat window with a page-specific proactive chat message (e.g. asking if the visitor wants to learn more about a certain model) is opened.

If the visitor replies to this automated welcome message the first available chat agent starts chatting, continues the conversation by providing the details the visitor needs, and, at the same time, actively trying to book a time for a test drive and face-to-face sales negotiation.

A cost-effective staffing issue was also solved. Outside chat operating hours (before 9 am and after 9 pm) callbacks are collected using a contact request form.

Visitors looking to buy used cars often have specific questions about a certain car on sale that require more in-depth knowledge about the matter. That’s why K-Auto's own sales representatives are the best people to take care of chats on used cars pages.

Additionally, car maintenance is its own line of business, which is why a static live chat button has been placed at the foot of the maintenance web page with a separate team of specialists handling the related chat service.

The Results

The sales agents have noticed that automated chats are an effective way to interact and engage with customers online.

Visitors can easily be paired up with the right internal or external sales agent, which has optimised the use of resources, enhanced positive customer experience, and increased the number of contact details collected significantly.

Even more notable is the amount of chats that have been converted into sales. Over 250 car sales have been closed in 2016 using the solution provided. The conversion rate of car maintenance bookings, another important business activity for K-Auto, has also been significantly increased.

“Digitalisation is changing consumer behaviour and we need to find new ways to enhance online customer experience. It is important that we can serve our customers using the channels they want to use.”

Martti Muona, Senior Vice President, K-Auto