Digital Transformation in Telecom Industry with Mike from BT and EE




In today's digital age, interactions play a pivotal role in defining our everyday lives. The Digital Commitment Podcast delves deep into the heart of what makes these digital interactions genuinely unforgettable. This week, we're joined by Mike Hales, Digital Product Owner and a digital pioneer from BT Group and EE.


Mike’s Cinematic Analogy

The Journey into AI


Thinking about my foray into AI always reminds me of The Hobbit, Mike said with a smile. It's been a journey of 'There and back again, packed with adventure, surprises, and lots of learning.


The Buzz Around Conversational AI

Its Impact on the Telecom Industry

Mike explains. In hindsight, I sometimes wish we had started developing chatbots for sales first. Sales have more structured queries, whereas service can be a Pandora's box of unpredictability.

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Top Learnings in the Telecom Industry

Reflecting on his experiences, Mike identified five essential takeaways:

    1. Data Management: Data is the backbone of all modern telecom operations. How we manage it can make or break the customer experience.

      1. Artificial Intelligence (AI): The past six years have shown me the undeniable influence of AI. It's not just about data but intelligently interpreting that data.

      2. Rise of Chatbots: The pace at which chatbots have grown is astounding. They've become the face of many brands, enhancing how we communicate.

      3. Personalization: "The modern customer seeks a personalized experience. It's not just about providing services; it's about making them feel valued."

      4. Avoiding Shiny Object Syndrome: "In our rush to adopt new technologies, we must remember to optimize what we already have. Otherwise, we risk drowning in our innovations."


Mistakes in the Telecom Industry and Their Solutions

Mike candidly shared some pitfalls he's observed:

  1. Data Mismanagement: I've seen brilliant initiatives fall apart simply because the data wasn't managed right.

  2. Premature AI Adoption: AI is powerful, but diving in without a clear roadmap can lead to more chaos than clarity.

  3. Neglecting Technical Hygiene: Chasing the next big thing is tempting, but neglecting our foundational systems is a recipe for disaster.


The Power of Design in Branding

Role of UI in Building Trust

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Having been on both the tech and design sides, I cannot emphasize enough the role of design in telecom, Mike opined. Good UI isn't just about aesthetics; it's about making the user feel at home. The trust begins there.



Mike's firsthand insights and candid reflections offer a comprehensive look into the telecom world's evolving dynamics. With user-centricity and strategic innovation as guiding lights, success in the digital age seems promising.


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