The Future Of Healthcare With AI-Driven Strategies - Marco Andre

In the latest episode of the Digital Customer Experience podcast by Giosg, host Daniel Paul delves into the intersection of AI and pharma marketing with Marco Andre, a distinguished AI executive and global head of marketing and GenAI excellence at Novartis. This conversation sheds light on the evolving digital customer experience landscape, emphasising AI's transformative power in the pharmaceutical industry.

The Unanticipated Lesson from AI: Curiosity Over Knowledge

Marco begins by sharing an unexpected lesson from his transition from Google to Novartis, highlighting the rapid pace of innovation in AI. He contrasts the adoption rates of electricity, the internet, and chat technologies to illustrate how AI democratises knowledge, making the quest for information less about accumulation and more about curiosity, adaptability, and creativity.

AI: Not a Replacement but a Superpower

The dialogue touches on the pervasive fear of AI replacing human jobs. Marco argues instead for a symbiotic relationship with AI, viewing it as a superpower that elevates human capabilities, allowing us to focus on more creative and impactful tasks rather than mundane ones.

Must-Have AI Tools and Personal Branding on LinkedIn

Marco shares his go-to AI tools, including ChatGPT, MidJourney, and RunwayML, stressing the importance of experimenting with a few tools deeply rather than superficially exploring many. He also discusses the significance of personal branding on LinkedIn for leaders, advocating for authenticity and passion over superficial engagement.

The Future of Pharma Marketing: Embracing AI

Marco envisions a pharma industry revolutionized by AI, from accelerating drug development to transforming go-to-market strategies. He emphasizes the importance of addressing patient adherence to treatment with AI, showcasing its potential to improve patient outcomes significantly.

A Vision for 2030: Pharma Marketing Transformed

As the conversation turns towards the future of pharma marketing, Marco speculates on the industry's direction by 2030. He anticipates advancements in omnichannel strategies and AI's role in creating more personalized and efficient patient care. Moreover, he calls for a concerted effort to reskill the workforce for the AI age, underscoring the urgency of adapting to rapidly evolving technologies.

Conclusion: A Call to Action for AI Integration in Pharma

Marco Andre's insights from the Digital Customer Experience podcast highlight a critical juncture in the pharmaceutical industry. As we navigate the challenges and opportunities AI presents, his message is clear: embrace the potential of AI to enhance creativity, improve patient care, and revolutionize marketing strategies. As we look towards a future shaped by AI, the pharmaceutical industry stands on the precipice of a new era of innovation and growth.


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