AI Chatbot

Automate your customer conversations with AI

See instant results with giosg's AI Chatbot that helps you automate your customer conversations and provide faster support — powered by giosg AI and GPT.

AI Chatbot that works from day one

We wanted to offer AI chatbot that would be easy to train and flexible to engage with. By utilizing chat logs and generative AI, your service request automation starts today.


Resolve more inquiries

AI Chatbot efficiently handles a high volume of inquiries, ensuring a prompt and accurate response to a wide range of customer inquiries, improving your resolution rates and response times.


Save time from agents

By automating routine and repetitive tasks, giosg's AI Chatbot frees up valuable time for human agents, enabling them to focus on more complex and strategic customer interactions.


Deliver rich experiences

Support your customers with your AI Chatbot with not just text-based answers but with videos, images, and interactive content, and provide them with engaging experiences and more flexible ways of support.


✅  Natural Language Processing


✅  Machine learning


✅  AI-generated replies


✅  Rich content replies


✅  Human handover



Resolve up to


of all service



AI Chatbot powered by GPT

Maximize your efficiency by letting AI generate replies on your behalf.
With giosg's new generative AI feature, you don't need to rely on manually created answers anymore.

Webinar - AI - June 13.6.2023

Implement easily with real chat logs

AI Chatbot needs to provide your customers with the right answers. This is the 'training' part of AI.


Our AI enables you to build Knowledge Bases, that your AI Chatbot uses as a base for its answers, using your real chat logs and their conversation history. 


We also automatically identify relevant topics for your chatbot, which makes it effortless to kick-start your automation.

Fast implementation with easy AI training. That's giosg's AI Chatbot.
giosg AI Chatbot has the automation rates clearly presented.

Track automation rates and results

We need to know if it's working, right?


Our real-time analytics show you how many chats AI has successfully automated and how well your virtual assistant has got the responses right within the conversations.


Clear analytics makes training your AI easier and helps you track the value AI Chatbot brings you. 

Reasons to choose giosg


Reply with
rich content

Create interactive and visual responses containing video, forms, or embedded content.


Train with
chat logs

Kick-start using live chat logs and use quality indicators to increase accurate answers.


Power up AI with multiple sources

Utilize multiple knowledge bases and sources of content within a single AI chatbot to handle multiple topics.


Scale up with the giosg platform

Extend beyond AI Chatbot with a live chat and button-based chatbots to get both the best personal and automated service.

Get started with AI Chatbots

Simply book a demo and chat with our experts right away and we'll show you our AI in action 😊