AI Chatbot is giosg's smarter way to automate your tasks.
AI Chatbot

Automated online experiences

Automate conversations. Provide faster and better service. Save time from customer service agents. AI can do many things — and we made it as easy as it gets to get started with it.

Giosg's AI Chatbot is more than a normal chatbot.

More than a chatbot

Our AI Chatbot uses an advanced machine learning engine to match visitors’ chat messages to the responses that AI fetches from its Knowledge Base.


Whereas normal chatbots use pre-determined conversation paths that visitors need to follow, our AI Chatbot allows them to decide the script of the conversation.


When the dialogue gets too tricky for the AI, it invites an agent to ensure a great service experience.

Fast implementation with easy AI training

AI Chatbot operates as your virtual assistant. This means it needs to provide your customers with the right answers. This is where the 'training' comes into the picture.


Our AI enables you to build Knowledge Bases using your chat logs and their live conversation history. 


Focusing on relevant topics is also easy with automatic conversation topic identification. Suddenly, training your AI actually becomes fun!

Fast implementation with easy AI training. That's giosg's AI Chatbot.
giosg AI Chatbot has the automation rates clearly presented.

Automation rates clearly presented

We need to know if it's working, right?


Our real-time analytics show you how many chats AI has successfully automated and how well your virtual assistant has got the responses right within the conversations.


Clear analytics makes the AI training even easier while you stay on track with the value the AI Chatbot brings you. 

Why our AI Chatbot



Create interactive and visual responses containing video, forms, or embedded content.



Kick-start using live chat logs and use quality indicators to increase accurate answers.



Ensure your visitors get the correct answers via our deep learning technology.

Get started with AI Chatbots

Simply book a demo and chat with our experts right away and we'll show you our AI in action 😊