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Tallink Silja - doubles conversion rate using live chat


Tallink SIlja is part of the AS Tallink Grupp, the leading provider of high-quality mini-cruises and passenger shipping on the Baltic Sea. With 80% of their bookings being made online, their website has become a focal point of contact, and they have placed great emphasis on providing seamless online customer service. 


  • Coming up with a comprehensive solution to optimise customer service operations
  • Delivering real-time visitor analytics and reporting features to inform CX and journey improvements


  • Conversion rate amongst visitors engaging with live chat 2x higher than Tallink Silja's average
  • Average order value 30% higher amongst live chat users

Why giosg?

  • Sophisticated real-time analytics and reporting tools
  • Excellent user experience; easy to navigate
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Highly reliable solution

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