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Financial services companies strengthening customer relationships

Customers are hugely demanding of their financial services providers expecting great customer service and 24/7 instant responses. So, it’s not surprising that financial companies are now some of the fastest to adopt new innovative online engagement tools to improve their customer experience: from great to excellent.

Better online engagement in customer acquisition and service
– here are some of our clients’ results


conversion rate: turning website visitors into leads


of customer service requests resolved quickly and consistently by AI-based chatbots.


Customers value the fact that they can get real-time financial advice when and where they need it.

Use live chat to acquire new customers

Allow your customer acquisition team to engage with visitors on your website using encrypted and secure live chat conversations.

Make it easy for the customer to talk with a financial professional about different solutions like credit cards and loans.

Use our online signing service to send documents for customers to sign while chatting with them. Read more about Sign by Signicat.




We take privacy seriously

We have taken a series of steps to ensure compliance for our clients using our services. We are also keeping a close eye on any further guidance issued by data protection authorities.

Read about our compliance with GDPR




Provide great customer service through live chat

Use live chat on your secure site to assist customers when they need help. Once the customer is logged in, the customer service rep can see their contact details on the chat so they know who they are chatting with. All conversations are crypted and visible only to authorised people.

You can also use our chatbot add-ons to automate part of the conversation. Read more about chatbots here.

Engage with potential customers on your partner's site

Improve customer experience and create new revenue streams by integrating professional financial advice seamlessly with the purchase journey taking place on the hosting partner's website.

With our Network solution you can e.g. help customers browsing a property site to apply for a loan or mortgage by using features such as live chat or an interactive calculator embedded on the partner website.

The solution is efficient and easy-to-use as it allows chat agents to take care of requests coming from multiple websites (partner and company's own) within one interface.

Read more about creating 'virtual branches' here.




Case study: The chatbot that handles 67% of If Insurances customer service requests. 

A chatbot built on top of our live chat platform has been acting as the first line of If's customer service since March 2017. The chatbot, named 'Emma', has been trained to assist customers with their most frequent enquiries and guide them towards the right information, web pages or customer service assistants.

Find out what If Insurance learned during its initial six-month experience using a customer service chatbot.

See the infographic

A few examples of how our clients are using our solution

A sales-oriented team using live chat to target potential consumer credit customers.


A chatbot and a team of chat agents providing real-time customer service.


A team of chat agents working to achieve better completion rate for loan applications.


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