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We have partnered with some of the best business solution providers to offer our customers the most advanced toolkit for streamlining workflows, engaging better with customers and generating revenue.

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There are many ready made solutions for integrating to your company's existing systems. In addition to tried and tested integrations it is very easy to create integrations and extensions to giosg service. We welcome your integration partners and developers to create small or large applications to serve your business!

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Integrate GetJenny’s chatbot with your giosg Live account to provide timely answers to simple, repetitive questions on your website. Like If insurance does.


Let’s chatbot take care of most the chat conversations with visitors so that your customer service team can focus on the tricky ones.


Efecte Oy

Efecte offers cloud-based (Software as a Service, SaaS) service and identity management solutions, supported by professional services. Efecte's solutions streamline and simplify management of services, IT systems and infrastructure in organizations.



Upseller offers Chatbot as a Service. True AI chatbots for customer service, sales or tailor made. Offering the whole package, from business case to continuous development by Upseller´s Ai trainers.



Streamline lead generation by capturing website visitor information directly into Hubspot CRM (e.g. name, company, email).



With the Signicat Sign online signing service integrated into giosg Live platform chat agents can send documents, e.g. approvals and agreements, for customers to sign in a secure and compliant way.


Oracle + Bronto

With the Oracle + Bronto integration, you can grow your newsletter subscriber base and easily follow up after chats.



With this integration, you can add live chat to your WooCommerce shop and start engaging more successfully with your online customers. Come and chat with us to learn more!



You can add live chat to your Magento eCommerce platform and start creating more personalised experiences by interacting with your website visitors.



You can create tickets directly from the chat with this Zendesk with giosg integration, allowing you support team to deal with critical customer issues right away.



You can direct customer requests coming from live chat to the same call center solution you use for other channels. The integration also ensures that chat requests are only assigned to agents who are not answering a call, and vice versa.



With this integration, customer requests coming from chat can be taken care of using the same interface that is used to handle calls and emails.



You can keep your customer support in order by directing requests coming from chat to the same contact center solution you use for other channels, such as calls and emails. Come and chat with us to learn more!

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