Giosg Newsroom and launch innovative service that connects visitors with property's real estate agents

Posted by on 29-Jun-2016 10:00:00 and have launched together a service that allows Bovision affiliated real estate agents to talk with visitors in real time in their respective housing announcements. This is an entirely new way of serving and taking care of potential buyers.

”giosg NETWORK is an innovative solution that enables businesses to connect in real time with the end-customer in the business’s partner network. It is important to communicate with customers regardless what channels they use and live chat offers home shoppers a change to get connected with someone who can answer their questions in real time and with precision. This also means that customers can be influenced already in the first stage of the buying process”, says Immo Salonen, Senior Vice President at

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Topics: News expands presence in the Nordics with new office in Stockholm, Sweden

Posted by on 26-Jan-2016 09:00:00 Ltd has opened an office and established a subsidiary in Stockholm, Sweden.

This is a response to demand from customers operating actively in the Nordic countries, as well as the new business opportunities presented by the many companies based in the city. The new Swedish office will be responsible for development of new business and increasing overall brand awareness within Sweden.

We are really excited about expanding our presence in the Nordics. The company has been received extremely well and new customer and partner relationships have been formed at an incredible pace. Our customers see the great value of our intelligent solutions on their websites and we can also provide them even new places to contact potential customers by networking different businesses”, says Ville Rissanen, CEO and founder of

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Now car dealers can chat with visitors on BILWEB.SE in real time and quickly increase their sales

Posted by on 14-Jan-2016 09:00:00

Earlier this week Bilweb and together launched a live chat that allows Bilwebs affiliated car dealers to talk with Bilwebs visitors in real time. Riddermark Bil, Mobility Motors and Lindgren Bilare some of the dealers who have already joined.

Bilweb focuses on driving business to their affiliated dealers by offering really good features and solutions for their website visitors. To allow our dealers to talk to Bilwebs visitors in real time, when they're on the merchant's items, feels extremely exciting and innovative, says Mathias Björkman, owner and CEO of Bilweb. This creates new opportunities for dealers to increase their sales, and is in line with our focus on becoming car seller's best friend.

When Bilweb visitor walks into a car ad, the seller may, proactively and in real-time, start a dialogue with the customer. It is an entirely new way to take care of potential buyers. The solution also makes it possible to estimate the visitor's purchase intention based on past behavior on To put it simply, the car dealers' shops just got a little bit bigger.

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Petri Vilpponen appointed as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Posted by on 13-Jan-2016 09:00:00

Petri Vilpponen started on January 1st 2016 as Chief Marketing Officer at

Petri will be responsible for development and implementation of marketing operations at in close cooperation with the CEO Ville Rissanen and Sales Director Immo Salonen, strongly focusing on the expansion to international markets. Main responsibilities include productization of services, development of value proposition and engaging the international clientele.

Read More has acquired the founder team of Sniper Analytics

Posted by on 05-Jan-2016 09:00:00

Sniper Analytics is a start up founded in 2014 in Tampere, Finland. The core of their business is to help call center managers increase sales by matching the right contact with the right agent automatically. The service is powered by machine learning algorithms and big data.  

Read More and Danske Bank launch unique service to boost online sales

Posted by on 11-Nov-2015 09:00:00

At the Slush 2015 event and Danske Bank have launched an innovation that offers online stores a unique way of finding potential customers on the web, and enables them to offer customers real–time financial advice and a financing solution to match their needs. The goal is to help online stores succeed in the global competition by boosting their sales.

The Danske Bank’s Dreams Come True service developed by, a specialist in online shopping, social sales and web communications, and Danske Bank will be piloted in December on the websites of selected online stores.

Read More appoints Jussi Karelo as Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Posted by on 09-Nov-2015 09:00:00

From the 2nd of November has hired Jussi Karelo as Chief Operating Officer. 

Jussi will be responsible of the daily operations in close cooperation with the CEO, Ville Rissanen, with a clear focus on strengthening and developing internal processes and resources. 

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We welcome new partnership with ANG Technologies

Posted by on 02-Nov-2015 09:00:00

We are proud to announce that giosg.Com Ltd has started a partnership with ANG Technologies located in Abu Dhabi. ANG Technologies is responsible for providing giosg.Com online sales and customer service solutions in United Arab Emirates (UAE).  

Read More scaling business to global markets with new finance round

Posted by on 22-Oct-2015 09:00:00 has opened a new finance round of up to 2M€ for investments in sales and marketing for accelerated growth in global markets. We have already secured 0,5M€ funding, for the same purpose, provided by Vendep Startup Fund and Tekes (Young Innovative Companies –program).

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