Giosg Newsroom and Online Sverige join forces to take over the Swedish market

Posted by on 09-Feb-2017 14:10:42

We are proud and honoured to announce’s newest partnership -  a software reseller and resource provider agreement with Online Sverige!

Established in 1993, Online Sverige has built tens of millions of relationships between their clients and their customers through telemarketing, customer service, booking meetings and more. Increasing sales by connecting the right people at the right time using the right technology and channels are at the core of Online Sverige’s business also which is why this new partnership with us is a perfect match.

 “At Online Sverige we have 20+ years of experience in creating valuable dialogues between companies and people. Historically this has been done in traditional channels like telephone and email. Today, with the increase of customer service in new channels like chat, we see a great potential in using the Giosg software together with our clients. It fits perfectly in Online Sverige’s strategy to combine service and sales to create an outstanding customer experience” says Stefan Nordborg, Chief Commercial Officer at Online Sverige

“Being successful doesn’t only come down to building cutting edge software. It is equally important to find the right partners on each market. When companies implement a new sales and customer service channel they need to resource it as well. We are excited that we can help our current and future customers in this with our new partner” says Immo Salonen, Senior Vice President, Global Sales of


Immo Salonen, tel. +46 70 768 71 33 (or +358 44 505 1182),

Stefan Nordborg, tel +46 76 204 77 72,



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