Giosg Newsroom and Danske Bank launch unique service to boost online sales

Posted by on 11-Nov-2015 09:00:00

At the Slush 2015 event and Danske Bank have launched an innovation that offers online stores a unique way of finding potential customers on the web, and enables them to offer customers real–time financial advice and a financing solution to match their needs. The goal is to help online stores succeed in the global competition by boosting their sales.

The Danske Bank’s Dreams Come True service developed by, a specialist in online shopping, social sales and web communications, and Danske Bank will be piloted in December on the websites of selected online stores.

“The goal is to increase the sales of these stores, improve customer experiences, and to encourage people surfing on the site of an online store to make their purchase from that particular store,” says Ville Rissanen, the CEO of

The service innovation developed by uses intelligent analytics to help customers that potentially need the service and offers them assistance in the form of Danske Bank’s financing services. Customers can gain access to financial advice and a financing solution to match their needs, enabling a quick purchase decision.

“The service is a continuation to Danske Bank’s systematic work to offer people digital opportunities in their daily life, and to keep the wheels of the economy turning, also with new partners. Online stores attract increasing numbers of visitors, and more and more people are dreaming of buying something special – we want to promote the evolution of online dreaming into online shopping,” says Lari Tuovinen, Head of Market Strategy at Danske Bank Finland.

Further information:
CEO/founder Ville Rissanen,, tel. +358 40 822 5935
Lari Tuovinen, Head of Market Strategy, Personal Customers, Danske Bank Finland, tel.
+358 50 422 6155 continues from where Google ends. Giosg delivers deals and better customer care. We provide digital platform that identifies most valuable customer to engage, enables B2B networking and increases conversion in internet. We have already wide Finnish and growing international customer base.

Danske Bank is a leading Nordic financial services organisation with retail, corporate and institutional customers in 15 countries. In Finland, the bank produces customer-oriented banking solutions for over 1 million customers. Danske Bank has an excellent international network of experts and is at the forefront in the provision of modern mobile and tablet services.


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