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Fonecta – 5x annual sales of live chat resources


With 50,000+ business customers, Fonecta is the largest provider of digital sales and marketing services in Finland.

As part of their service portfolio, they offer Fonecta Chat, which utilises giosg’s live chat software. The solution not only provides customer service resource, but also uses the chat tool as a source of lead generation and sales.


  • Adding a new channel to their mix to improve the offer to their end clients
  • Providing a live chat solution that captures leads while addressing customers’ concerns


  • Fonecta Chat (powered by giosg) became a market leader in just 18 months
  • Over 200 new business customers for Fonecta

Why giosg?

  • Robust, scalable service that works
  • Great hands-on support, quick to respond to concerns and requests
  • Responsive product development


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