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What is the chat etiquette for customer service?

There are few basic principles to follow when using live chat to interact with customers:

1) Be quick. As live chat is a real time channel try to reply to visitor’s first message in 10 seconds. Avoid long pauses in conversation and in case you need to check something before replying, keep the visitor up-to-date what will happen next. If you can’t answer the customer straight away, ask for his contact details

2) Use correct communication and remember to act politely and professionally. Still, as the whole point of live chat is to provide warm, human help, it is more than ok to use your own tone of voice. Try to keep the conversation flowing try to write short and simple answers. But, since you are also representing the company you work for, pay attention to spelling.

3) Serve actively. When you have live chat on your site regular online presence is important, so don’t disappoint your customers! Offer help and additional information actively. Personalise the service by using your own name and picture.


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