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Should I outsource live chat service?

Whether to outsource live chat service to an external resource provider depends on where you intend to use your chat. If the live chat is on your public website and you don’t operate in a complex niche market, external chat personnel can typically answer to approx. 80% of visitor questions with a couple of day’s training. In ecommerce, outsourced chat personnel can often take care of the basic upselling and deal-closing without any problems. Some companies use dedicated internal employees as a second line of chat agents, who are transferred the 20% of the most complex conversations.

However, if live chat is used to provide support that includes handling of personal information of your customers, you probably want to incorporate the live chat to your customer service function. Also, when live chat is incorporated as a full-scale support channel, it often increases both costs and complexity to have separate teams for live chat and phone service. External resource providers also often lack the flexibility and escalation possibilities that your own employees enjoy.

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